Award/学会賞 KPF-microscope for charging state of particles collected from the air 大気中から捕集した粒子の帯電状態をKPF顕微鏡で調べた

呼吸により人体に入る微粒子の帯電状態が注目された。本研究では大気中に浮遊する微粒子の帯電状態を評価できる手法を考案。The importance of electrostatic charging state to particle deposition in the human airways has been suggested. We developed a measurement method of electrostatic charging state of individual ambient aerosol particles

国際会議で最優秀ポスター賞(細孔内への粒子の導入)Best Poster Award, Asian Aerosol Conference (Insertion of Particles in Pores)

2015 June: Best Poster Award at 9th Asian Aerosol Conference Insertion of colloidal particles in the pores of a honeycomb structure via an aerosol route (気中に分散した液中微粒子のハニカム型多孔質体細孔内への沈着) K. Kusdianto, M. Gen, M. Tsukada, W. Lenggoro* (*Corresponding author) この研究のきっかけは、大気中に浮遊した微粒子が植物の葉の気孔に「詰まる」現象に着目した時。粒子径との気孔のサイズとの関係やその輸送の推進力について仮説が必要でした。大気中の微粒子の輸送において、私たちは「静電気力」も大事な推進力であることを提案しています。 A spray-based gas-phase method was proposed to insert presynthesized particles into a honeycomb structure. The fabricated structure, based…

Aerosols deposit behind the sheet (Plant leaf model)?(植物葉モデル)薄板の裏側までエアロゾルが沈着する?

Simultaneous deposition of submicron aerosols onto both surfaces of a plate substrate by electrostatic forces We demonstrate one-step deposition of submicrometer-sized particles suspended in the gas-phase onto a plate type substrate using an electrostatic-assisted spray system. The particles were deposited on plate-type metallic surfaces, on both front and rear sides of the substrate. This “both-side”…

What happens when we spray water-soluble “air pollution” particles to plants for 2 years? 水溶性 「大気汚染」 粒子を植物に2年間散布したらどうなるでしょう?

JOURNAL: Atmospheric Environment (2014) Effects of 2-years exposure to (sub-micron) ammonium sulfate particles on growth and gas exchange rates of Fagus crenata (ブナ), Castanopsis sieboldii (スダジイ), Larix kaempferi (唐松) and Cryptomeria japonica (スギ) seedlings •No significant effect of the particles on growth was observed after 2 years.•Net photosynthetic rates of 3 species were not significantly changed.•Net photosynthesis…

Deposition process of aerosols into forest/ 森林へのエアロゾル沈着過程を解明

Particulate matter strongly adsorbed onto leaf surfaces is not washed away by rainfall and contributes to the EC (Elemental Carbon) flux. Leaf-surface particles must be included when evaluating the dry and total fluxes of particulate matter, in particular for water-insoluble constituents such as EC. 葉面に強く「付着」した粒子状物質は降雨によって洗い流されず、EC(元素炭素)フラックスに寄与する。粒子状物質、特にECのような水不溶性成分の乾燥流束および全流束を評価する場合には、葉表面粒子を含めなければならない。

Award/論文賞 Measuring particles from mixed gases(煙突の模擬)ガスから微粒子への転換を計測

These results may be informative for predicting phenomena related to gas-to-particle conversion at the exit of stationary emission sources.火力発電所等の燃焼過程から生成すると考えられる混合排気ガスを実験室内で模擬した。This paper was awarded 2013 Takahashi Award from Japan Association Aerosol of Science and Technology. エアロゾル学会の2013年のTakahashi賞を受賞。

【環境計測技術】燃焼由来エアロゾル粒子の測定手法 (Doctoral Presentation) Measurement methodology for combustion-generated aerosol particles.

HAMA, Naoya Doctoral thesisMeasurement methodology for combustion-generated aerosol particles燃焼由来エアロゾル粒子の測定手法 (in English)(September 2011) Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Refereed Journal Articles – from the works at TUATMeasurement of model aerosols containing two metal components formed via cooling and dilution routesNaoya Hama, Yukie Takashima, Masao Gen, Mayumi Tsukada, Hidehiro Kamiya, Wuled Lenggoro*Earozoru Kenkyu (Journal of Aerosol…

Aerosol & colloid route for Raman-substrate. To detect organic molecules at ppb levels. ラマン分光用基材の調製にエアロゾルやコロイド手法。有機分子をppbレベルまで検出

The substrate (chip) was made by structuring nanoparticles, and the detection accuracy of a trace (model: a pesticide) component using Raman scattering spectroscopy was improved. ナノ粒子の構造化による基板(チップ)形成を行い、ラマン散乱分光を用いた微量な(モデル:農薬)成分の検出精度を向上させた。