On particles emitted from mouth (JAAST)口腔内から発せられたエアロゾル粒子に関して(日本エアロゾル学会)


Statement (18 Mar. 2020) On aerosol particles emitted from the mouth. 口腔内から発せられたエアロゾル粒子に関して(エアロゾル学会の見解)

Airflow and ventilation or air purifiers are necessary to expel aerosol particles floating in closed spaces!


Ejecting aerosol particles floating in a closed space requires airflow and ventilation / air purifier


(machine-translation = ) Although gas molecules are easily mixed (diffusible), the suspended (aerosol) particles as small as 1/1000 mm (1 micrometer) do not diffuse as much as gas molecules in indoor spaces. In addition, unlike visible particles, they have a very low sedimentation velocity and remain suspended in the room. In order to drive out “small” aerosol particles from the room, it is necessary to move them by air-flow and discharge them to the outside of the room (ventilation) or remove them with air cleaners (air purifiers).

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