Alumni: ACS Environ. Sci. Tech. Lett. 2019 Best Paper Award. 卒業生(筆頭著者)の論文が米国化学会ES&T Letters最優秀論文賞

The winner of the Environmental Science & Technology Letters 2019 Best Paper Award. 卒業生Alumni: Dr. Masao Gen’s paper published (worked with Prof. Chak K. Chan, Dean and Chair Professor in School of Energy and Environment at City University of Hong Kong) in Environmental Science & Technology Letters (ACS米国化学会の雑誌) was selected as the Best ES&T Letters Papers of 2019.  (M. Gen, R. Zhang, D. D….

21st Century Nanoscience – A Handbook (Chapter 4: Nanoparticles Carrying Biological Molecules)

The conjugation of nanoparticles (NPs) and biomolecules has found applications in bioimaging, biocatalysis, drug delivery, and biosensors. The nanoparticle-carrying biological molecules or NP–biomolecule conjugate is characterized by the association of one or more biologically relevant molecules at the interface of an NP. ナノ粒子と生体分子の「共役」は、バイオイメージング、生体触媒、薬物送達、バイオセンサーなどの分野で応用が見出されている。

Statement on Mask-wearing (JAAST) マスク装着に関して(日本エアロゾル学会)

Point-1.「繊維の隙間より小さい粒子はマスクのフィルターを通過する」は間違い “Particles smaller than the fiber gap pass through the filter of the mask” is not accurate

Point-2. 大事なことはマスクのフィルター性能より,マスクの縁と顔表面との隙間からの漏れ(侵入)を少しでもなくすこと。It is important to eliminate the leakage (intrusion) from the gap between the mask edge and the face surface, rather than the filter performance of the mask.

Example of Technology: Synthesis & Structuring of Particles (2018-2019)開発の事例:微粒子の合成と構造化

浮遊する微粒子の構造化と集積化について、従来まで考証されていなかった物質の輸送に対する「駆動力のバランス」の視点からの技術手法を開発した。We have developed methods for synthesis & structuring suspended particles from the viewpoint of “balance of the driving force on the transport of matter”, which has not been considered before.

Opinion: 研究を使った次世代対応型教育へ (The role of research on next generation learning)

対VUCAに適応力の高い人材を養成するには、リスクを意識しながら失敗を経験させ、失敗から学ぶプロセスを反復練習できる環境づくりが必要です。In order to develop highly adaptable human resources to the VUCA, it is necessary to create an environment in which people can experience failures while being aware of risks and repeatedly practice the process of learning from failures.

Alumni 卒業生 Dr. Naoya Hama: Young Researcher Award (Association of Aerosol Science and Technology) 日本エアロゾル学会奨励賞を受賞

受賞対象研究:さまざまな粒子発生源に対するエアロゾル(気中)計測装置の適用性に関する研究、および企業会員と学会の連携強化に対する貢献。Research on the applicability of aerosol (gas-phase) measurement devices to a variety of particle sources and contributions to strengthening collaboration between company members and academic societies.