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“First” Lab’s Members: (2009) | (2008) | 2007

Doctoral Course (at TUAT, Graduate School of BASE) 博士課程(後期)

  • FERRY FAIZAL. Thesis (2018)joined Univ. Padjdjaran (Physics, Lecturer)
  • SURYANI SAALLAH. Thesis (2017), to Univ. Malaysia Sabah, マレーシア国立サバ大学
  • M. P. KHAIRUNNISA Thesis (2017) >> Joined Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia 高等教育省, then Univ. Teknologi Malaysia (MJIIT)
  • PRAMUJO WIDIATMOKO. Thesis (2014) Returned to Inst. Tek. Bandung (ITB) Lecturer. バンドン工科大・講師.
  • KUSDIANTO. Thesis (2014)  Returned to Inst. Tek. Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Lecturer; Also with Hiroshima U. (Asst. Prof., 2015-2016) セプル・ノペンバー工科大・講師
  • GEN, MASAO. Thesis (2014) >> Joined Tohoku Univ., Postdoc & Asst. Prof.) 東北大・研究員・助教; Now with City Univ. Hong Kong
  • HAMA, NAOYA. Thesis (2011) Returned to Tokyo Dylec Corp. 社会人博士.
  • M. NAZLI NAIM. Thesis (2010) >> Joined Univ. Putra Malaysia (Process/Food Engineering) プトラ・マレーシア大学(プロセス食品工学科)講師
  • IKAWA, S. Returned to a manufacturer of measurement equipment.

Primary advisor主指導: Wuled Lenggoro. > List of Doctoral Thesis.


Master’s Thesis. TUAT, Grad. School of BASE: (2009/3-2018/3: 24) 博士課程(前期)
* HATTORI, K. (2018/3) Effect of flow regime on emission from a combustion
* KURODA, R. (2018/3) Nanofiber for water-evaporation system
* WATANABE, Y. (2018/3) Measurement of water movement in soil
* WADA, M. (2017/9) Nano-materials processing for plants >> 後期
* ISHIMOTO, A. (2017) Measurement of biomass burning
* TAKAGI, A. (2017) Flow analysis and deposition of aerosols
* YOKOTE, S. (2016) Optical properties of surface with particles
* NAITO, K. (2015) Flow-assisted electrochemical synthesis
* TAKEMATSU, Y. (2015) Transport of particles in biomass
* MATSUSHIMA, H. (2015) Humidity in particle synthesis (Most Outstanding Student, BASE. 大学院BASE最優秀学生賞)
* SATO, SEIICHI (2014) Sampling gas-phase particle by water
* KANNO, HIROYA (2014) Removal of particles by fluids
* WATANABE, AZUSA (2014) Transport of particles in plants
* SEKI, AKITO (2013) Hygroscopicity of inorganic particles
* YAMADA, YOSUKE (2013) Collection of charged aerosols
* GEN, MASAO (2010/3-2011/9) : Assembly of particles for nanodevice (in English) >> 後期
* LIM, FONG ZYIN (2012) Measurement of droplet deposition
* SATO, HIROTAKA (2012) Heating process of carbon-added powder
* IGUCHI, YUKI (2011) Particle collection using liquid bubbles
* SASAKI, KEITARO (2011) Assembly of particles on non-flat surface
* ANZAI, RYUHEI (2010) Powder synthesis: a novel heating method
* SAGAWA, SHINICHI (2010) Particle dispersion & aerosol deposition
* SUZUKI, TOMOYUKI (2010) Powder synthesis with size-reduction
* TAKASHIMA, YUKIE (2010) Conversion of gas-to-particle
* SOEDA, TAKURO (2009) Powder from nanoparticles and salts

graduationTUAT Bachelor Thesis (2007-2018/3: 33) 卒論
* FUJII, T (2018) 基板表面における光触媒粒子の付着力
* HASEGAWA, T. (2018) 膜式水蒸発器の性能向上に向けた粒子添加
* KOGA, Y. (2018) 帯電液滴を用いたエアロゾルの捕集
* ASANUMA, Y. (2017) 微粒子凝集体の水中再分散
* AZUHATA, S. (2017) 植物抽出原料を用いた粒子合成 President’s Award for Excellence. 学長より学生表彰(学業優秀)
* HOGAKI, R. (2017) 蒸発冷却装置における繊維と微粒子
* KOIKE, S.(2016) ミストから薄膜合成における流体制御
* KOGA, S. (2016) 環境影響評価に向けた合成粉末の酸溶解
* HATTORI, K. (2016) 雨水中のナノ粒子の計測法
* WATANABE, Y. (2016) 大気中粒子用のパッシブ型捕集器設計
* MIYAZAWA, E. (2016) 低消費電力型超音波洗浄による粒子脱離
* ISHIMOTO, A. (2015) Flow of particles from combustion  燃焼の粒子と流体制御
* TAKAGI, A. (2015) Deposition of particles  粒子の沈着:熱泳動と表面材質
* WADA, M. (2015) Transport of particles in gel  寒天中の粒子移動
* YOKOTE, S. (2014) Evaporation with particles  繊維上の粒子付着と水の蒸発との関係
* FUKUSHIMA, H. (2014) Battery-derived sampler  乾電池で大気中粒子の捕集
* NAITO, KEISUKE (2013) Electrochemical synthesis  新規電気化学法の開発
* TAKEMATSU, YUSUKE (2013) Capillary action in electrospray  Pump-less静電噴霧の開発
* MATSUSHIMA, HIDENORI (2013) Heating method for doped-material  粒子合成:新加熱法
* KONDO, YUSUKE (2012) Synthesis of doped type powder  ドープ型粉末の合成:加熱法
* KANNO, HIROYA (2012): Removal of particles by fluid  水流による粒子脱離
* WATANABE, AZUSA (2012): Transport of particles in cellulose  繊維中の粒子移動
* SEKI, AKITO (2011) Evaporation of droplet  基板上での溶液液滴の蒸発
* YAMADA, YOSUKE (2011) A collection method for particles 気中粒子捕集:電場の使用
* DORIS N. KHAEMBA (2011) Glucose-combustion (English) グルコースを用いた燃焼合成
* LIM, FONG ZYIN (2010) Directly measurement: droplet deposition ミスト沈着量の評価
* TAKAWA, MANA (2010) Role of atmosphere on decomposition 合成:雰囲気ガスの影響
* GEN, MASAO (2010) Generation of carbon-based aerosols 炭素系粒子の気中分散
* NAKAYAMA, TAKAHIRO (2009) Synthesis of carbon-added oxide 合成:炭素系添加
* IGUCHI, YUKI (2009) A bubble-type particle collector 微粒子捕集:液中気泡の使用
* SASAKI, KEITARO (2009) 2D structure from colloids 水中粒子の集積法:電界の使用
* SUZUKI, TOMOYUKI (2008) Synthesis: Liquid- vs solid-source 粉末合成:原料相の影響
* TAKASHIMA, YUKIE (2008) Particle formation from mixed-gas ガスから粒子:計測


:#: Students/Fellows during 1998-2006 (Hiroshima Univ.)

Administrative Assistant:
* KONDO, YUKO (2008-2015/1)

Research Associate:
* KUWATA, MASAHIKO Dr., (Jan.-Mar.2007), Visiting Professor (2007-2009), Professor, Dept. of Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis, Soka Univ. (2008-2013)

Visiting fellow:
* HERU SETYAWAN, Dr.Eng. (Oct.-Nov. 2009), Dept. of Chemical Engineering,Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya. From 2015, vice-president of ITS
* ASEP SOFYAN, Dr.Eng., (Jan.-March 2009 & January 2012), Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia

Visiting Bachelor student:
* INDAH NURMAWATI (Oct.2009-Sept.2010) Exchange Program STEP, Department of Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia.
* Ira Trisnawati (Chemical Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Universitas Indonesia/UI) 2011/10-12, SSSV Program fellow, with Prof. M. Yohda (Biomolecules and Proteomes)
* Han Bin KIM (June-July 2013), Chemical Engineering, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York City, USA
* Chong Boon Hong “Ben”  (U. Teknologi Malaysia) a week, after a semester program at TUAT/AIMS. (2016 Jan.)
* Sarocha Wongkamchan (Applied Physics, King Mongkut’s Univ. of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok): AIMS program. 2016 Oct.-Nov.
* Muhammad Shafiq Hanafie (Univ. Teknologi Malaysia; AIMS program 2017/10 – 2017/12)

Visiting Master student:
* BURIMPARTH PAKORNSIRI (April-June, 2009), Dept. of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.
* Listya Citra Suluhingtyas (Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung/ITB) 2011/10-12, SSSV program fellow, with Prof. Y. Yamashita (Process System Engineering)
* Jenny Rizkiana (Chemical Engineering, ITB) 2011/10-12, SSSV program Fellow with Dr. Chika Minejima (Modeling CO gas in the atmosphere) Then Ph.D. at Hirosaki U.
* Suryani binti Saallah (May-June 2013), Dept. of Process and Food Engineering, Univ. Putra Malaysia, also Staff of Biotechnology Research Institute, Univ. Malaysia Sabah. Then doctoral course at TUAT (2014/10-2017/9)

Visiting Doctoral student:
* Fauziatul Fajaroh (Oct.-Dec. 2010), Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia; Also a faculty member of Universitas Negeri Malang (State University of Malang)
* Hanif Yuliani (Chemical Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Universitas Indonesia/UI) 2011/10-12, SSSV Program fellow, with Prof. M. Yohda (Biomolecules and Proteomes)
* Adrian Nur (Oct.-Dec.2012), from Dept. of Chemical Engineering, ITS, also a faculty member of Univ. Sebelas Maret.
* Boon, Yih Tien (May-July 2014), Dept. of Process and Food Engineering, Univ. Putra Malaysia
* Puspita Nurlilasari; from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia. (2017/10 – 2018/01)

Research scholar:
* MIKI,KANAE (April-July 2008), APEX. With Prof. Masayuki Horio’s Lab until 2008/3.

** TUAT research group was established in 2007 **

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