Facilities, 研究設備

Our main lab’s area is ~170 square meters (including students’ room)

“We always try to design and fabricate a novel device” 研究室では常に独自な装置をデザイン・製作することを心掛けています。Our original technologies, products

Facilities inside TUAT: 学術研究支援総合センター機器分析施設 (tuat.ac.jp) ||  設備サポート室  (tuat-setsubi.org) || エネルギー材料共用システム Grad. School BASE (tuat-base.org)

For measuring aerosols (particles in the gas-phase): 気相中に浮遊する粒子の計測

  • Aerosol particle generators: from Nanometer to Micrometer: For example combustion- or spray-based generators 燃焼型や噴霧型)
  • Particle Counter: From nanometer to micrometer in the gas phase (mainly optical-based sensor) (For example: Condensation Particle Counters 凝縮粒子計数機) 
  • Aerosol Sizing system: For size distribution of few nanometer to micro-meter particles in the gas phase. For example: ELPI/ 電子式低圧インパクター, SMPS/走査型移動度粒径測定器 (including DMA 微分型静電分級器)
  • Fields inside TUAT (Fuchu city) and 30-meter tower at FM多摩丘陵 (Hachioji)
  • fuchuTUATchamber   cropped-img_07633.jpg

For measuring particles in the liquid-phase. 液相中に浮遊する微粒子の計測

  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Malvern Instruments: Zetasizer Nano
  • Nanopore Platform, Scanning Ion Occlusion Sensing Method: Measurement of size distribution, concentration, surface charge | izon.com | meiwafosis.com/

High-precision trace-element analysis, 組成分析装置

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer ICP-MS
  • Micro CHN (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen) elemental analyzer
  • Gas Chromatography (may be need a revision)
  • 物質の成分元素や構成比率を分析する手法 Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer : Emission of characteristic “secondary” (or fluorescent) X-rays from a material that has been excited by bombarding with high-energy X-rays or gamma rays. From Na to U.  。エネルギー分散形蛍光X線分析装置は”固体・粉末・液体・薄膜など様々な試料が分析可能、標準試料無しに定量分析が可能” JEOL JSX-3100RII, 蛍光X線分析装置, 液体窒素フリー, Si(Li) 半導体検出器

    Picture from JEOL.co.jp

  • MSV-370 Microscope attached UV-Visible-Near-IR spectrophotometer 微量高感度分光分析システム(顕微鏡と高性能分光光度計:顕微紫外可視近赤外分光光度計紫外域から近赤外域にわたる広範囲な波長領域で微小試料や微小部位の透過・反射測定が行えます)Microspectroscopy system providing transmittance or reflectance measurements of microscopic sample sites. Measure color, film thickness, and other spectral properties of a microscopic area for either large or small samples. 250-2000 nm. Minimum spot* 30 micrometer. jasco.co.jp//microUV.html


  • 数値シミュレーション, FEM based multi-physics COMSOL-Multiphysics. From fluid flow/heat transfer to structural mechanics and electromagnetic analyses @youtube. : 伝熱、構造、流体、電気化学、電磁気、光、音響など
  • IBM SPSS Statistics (「世界標準」統計ソフト)
  • MatLab (MathWorks) 数値線形代数、関数とデータの可視化、アルゴリズム開発、グラフィカルインターフェイスや、他言語(C言語/C++/Java/Python)とのインターフェイスの機能を有している。MATLAB & Simulink (mathworks.com)

Simulation hardware, 計算機

  • Workstation, RAM: 32 GB; HD = 1 TB; CPU : Intel ® Xeon® Processor X5690(3.46 GHz, 6 core) >> More

For sample preparation (before SEM, etc.) , 材料の前処理用

For plant growth, 植物の実験用装置

  • Phytotron (2 x 2 x 2 m) (a completely closed greenhouse that can be used for study of environmental conditions on plant growth) in Fuchu campus. 6 units. (by Prof. Izuta’s Lab.)

Heating-related system. 加熱装置

  • Commercial-made heating system (microwave)
  • Commercial-made heating system (electric furnace)
  • Commercial-made Infra-Red Heating system, 遠赤外線ヒーター
  • Lab-made heating system (tubular, electric furnaces)
  • X-ray diffractometer (XRD) with heating system
  • Thermo Gravimetry/Differential Thermal Analyzer (TG-DTA, by Kamiya Lab)
  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, with heating system (by Kamiya Lab)


For surface and structure measurement

  • Non-contacting type Electrostatic voltmeters – Measuring surface potential (voltage) on materials. Trek model 323: www.trekj.com/products/evs/323.html
  • Micro-Raman spectrometer (Nicolet Almega)
  • Dektak surface profilometer (XT-S), 触針式表面形状測定器(段差計)
  • Fluorescent microscope (Based on OLYMPUS BX53) システム生物顕微鏡(正立顕微鏡)
  • Laser microdissection +PALM MicroBeam (for isolating high-purity tissue) >> Movie



  • CASIO. EXLIM. 6M pixel, High speed (max. 60 pictures/sec.;  Max. 1200 fps) 12 X optical zoom. Lens: 9群12枚, F2.7(W)~F4.6(T), f=7.3~87.6 mm) Macro: 5~50cm(W). Shutter: 60~1/40000 sec; USB/AVポート, HDMI™、output (mini), 外部マイク端子, 外部電源端子, Hi-Speed USB. >>> Samples@Youtube  CASIO EXILIM EX-F1対応顕微鏡汎用アダプター NY-F1 (85,050 yen) EX-F1対応リレーレンズ内蔵本体光学部,  先端径φ23.2mm, ミクロメーター 取り付け可能 口径変換リング:φ30mm顕微鏡接眼レンズ挿入部、及びCマウントに接続する場合にアダプター本体と併 用する口径変換用リング。 Cマウント取り付け用アダプター: Cマウントに接続する場合に併用するアダプター。固定ネジ付き
  • NIKON digital camera D5600 with Lens (AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR DX), Remote code MC-DC2, AC-Adapter, and Power Connector EP-5A.


Lab Website. レンゴロ研究室

Sun light simulator

人工太陽照明灯SOLAX XC-500 EFSS (500 W) 350-2500nm, 1sun(1000W/m2). seric.co.jp/superspot/

BASE 3F (348) Photo from: http://www.tuat-base.org