Alumni(List): 10 were doctoral-; 24 graduates of Master’s course; 33 bachelor students (final project) 2007/4 – 2018/3.


CURRENT MEMBERS (2018/4/15 updated)

* I. Nakaya …undergraduate senior/final project (B, CE)
* K. Niwa …(B, CE)
* T. Takahashi …(B, CE)
* T. N. Pratiwi …Research student
* S. Azuhata …..Master’s course (M), BFS
* R. Hogaki …..M, BFS
* T. Hasegawa …..M, BFS
* Y. Koga …..M, BFS
* Y. Asanuma … “5-year” Doctoral course (FES).一貫制博士課程
* N. Yoshida …. “5-year” Doctoral course (FES).一貫制博士課程
* M. Wada …..Doctoral course (BFS) & TUAT Research Fellow
* Y. Ito ….Doctoral non-course (BFS) Part-time

CE: Dept. of Chemical Engineering 化学システム工学科
FES: Dept. of Food and Energy Systems Science 食料エネルギーシステム科学専攻
BFS: Dept. of Bio-Functions and Systems Science 生物機能システム科学専攻

* Wuled Lenggoro, Dr., Group Head/Professor >> more..
* T. Shimamura …..Administrative Assistant 事務補佐員

* Tsukada, Mayumi Dr.; Senior Technical Specialist, 技術専門員, Faculty of Engineering

* Hara, Hiroshi, Dr.; Prof. Em., School of Agriculture.

VISITING RESEARCHER (Part-time): 訪問研究者
* Hama, Naoya, Dr.; Chief-engineer/General Manager at an instrument company.

+++  Alumni.卒業生


COLLABORATOR (Professors at TUAT):
# Kamiya, Hidehiro (Surface function, nanoparticles) = Lab
# Tokuyama, Hideaki (Polymer, Gel, Adsorption) = Lab
# Fujinami, Kaori (Human-Computer Interaction) = Project.
# Sameshima, Toshiyuki (Semiconductor Devices) = Lab
# Masuda, Kohji (Medical ultrasound) = Lab
# Iwai, Toshiaki (Optical Physics) = Lab
# Izuta, Takeshi (Plant Stress Physiology) + Lab
# Funada, Ryo (Plant Morphology) + Lab
# Nakaba, Satoshi (Plant Morphology) + Lab
# Umezawa, Taishi (Plant Physiology/Molecule) +Lab
# Suzuki, Takeshi (Insect Physiology) +Lab
# Yoshida, Makoto (Wood Engineering) +Lab
# Saito, Hirotaka (Soil Physics) +Lab

=:= Other collaborators

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