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Alumni.卒業生: 10+Doctoral30+M.Eng.修士; 40+B. Eng.学士 (2008-2021)

Professor: Wuled Lenggoro

  • S. Kagai undergraduate final-project (U), ChemE
  • T. MiyoshiU, ChemE
  • Y. Sakaida ... U, ChemE
  • H. Kimura … Master’s course (M) , ChemE/GSE
  • D. Sannohe … M, ChemE/GSE
  • Y. Fujimura … M, ChemE/GSE
  • N. Nohara … M, ChemE/GSE, Toyota Foundation Scholar
  • T. Tsuchiya … M, ChemE/GSE
  • T. TakahashiDoctoral (course), FES/BASE, Research Fellow
  • A. A. Sembada Doctoral, GSE/International course, MEXT Gov. Scholar
  • T. N. PratiwiDoctoral, FES/BASE, MEXT Gov. Scholar
  • Y. Asanuma Doctoral, FES/BASE, Research Fellow
  • N. Yoshida Doctoral, FES/BASE, Research Assistant
  • M. Wada … Doctoral, BFS/BASE
  • M. Tsukada,  Dr., 技術専門員(再雇用)Senior Technical Specialist
  • M. Hirai … Administrative Assistant 事務補佐
  • H. Hara, Dr. (Prof. Em.) Visiting Professor 客員教授: BookReview
  • Hama, N., Dr.; Visiting Researcher 訪問研究者
  • ChemE: Dept. of Chemical Engineering工学部化学システム工学科
  • FES: Dept. of Food & Energy Systems Science 大学院生物システム応用科学府(BASE) 食料エネルギーシステム科学専攻(一貫制博士課程)
  • BFS: Dept. of Bio-Functions & Systems Science BASE生物機能システム科学専攻
  • GSE: Grad. School of Engineering工学府;
  • MEXT: 文部科学省Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology国費留学生

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