Alumni News: Featured in TUAT Express Magazine (2023)

当時は成績が悪く、研究室・・・・結果的にはそこで出合ったエアロゾル研究の面白さを現在まで突き詰めることになりました。During undergraduate, my grades were poor…. During master/doctoral course, I have continued to pursue my interest in aerosols that I encountered there.

TUAT “Faculty Development” Seminar (by Prof. Lenggoro)


元高校生インターンが環境資源科学科に入学 K. Sano (High school intern) entered TUAT (Environ. & Natural Resource Sci.)

GIYSE プログラム。国が推進する科学技術振興機構の事業「グローバルサイエンスキャンパス」で「⾼校⽣を将来の卓越した研究者に養成する」GIYSE program. A government-sponsored project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) under the Global Science Campus program, which aims to “train lower school students to become outstanding researchers of the future.