Topic (Hirano Lab): From traditional food (tempe bongkrek) to synthesis of pharmaceutical 伝統食品 (テンペ・ボンクレック) と医薬品合成


Through a conversation with Prof. Hirano from Dept. of Applied Chemistry.


Hirano Lab (Applied Chemistry Dept.) has developed a catalytic reaction that efficiently synthesizes a compound. Efficient synthesis of drugs such as molecular target drugs is expected. They also succeeded in the formal synthesis of bongkrekic acid, a cell death control molecule known to have this common structure. In this study, Prof. Lenggoro provided information on Tempe.

Bongkrekic acid (also known as Bongkrek acid) is a natural toxin produced in fermented coconut (tempeh) or corn contaminated by bacteria (Wikipedia)

Publication in American Chemical Society Journal: Organometallics (2022/Feb/9)
Ru(0)-Catalyzed Regioselective Synthesis of Borylated-1,4- and -1,5-Diene Building Blocks

Featured at Chem-Station (the largest site of Chemistry” in Japan) 第366回のスポットライトリサーチは、東京農工大学大学院 工学府応用化学専攻(平野研究室)博士前期課程1年の岡﨑汐音さんにお願いしました。