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PAPER: Removal of particles from potable water. 水道水(飲料水)から微粒子を採集

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stock-photo-water-pouring-from-a-jug-into-a-glass-on-blue-95668024Removal of iron-oxide particles after post-filtration in local potable water using an electrophoretic method

Collaborated with: Univ. Putra Malaysia; Univ. Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Journal of Water Process Engineering: Vol. 9, Feb. 2016, Pages 208–214. doi:

Full text/PDF: Researchgate, or here

Keywords: Elnaim2016-waterectrophoretic deposition; Fibre electrodes; Limiting flux; Iron oxide; Zeta potential

Recent journal articles from our group.研究室から発表した(最近の)論文1288741555_themes

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PAPER: Dispersing particles then Raman spectroscopy: New concept for surface analysis. 新しい表面分析法:ラマン分光用の粒子集積

Other “intro” of papers from our lab >> /tag/paper/

* Main researcher: Masao Gen,  a doctoral student: 2011/10-2014/6. Joined Tohoku University (2014-2015, Researcher/Assistant professor), then City Univ. of Hong Kong. He applied this new method (Electrospray-Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (ES-SERS) for probing particulate matter (PM) collected as “air pollutant” Atmos. Chem. Phys. (2017)


M. Gen & I. W. Lenggoro, RSC Adv. (2015)
Gen & Lenggoro, RSC Adv. (2015)

Aerosol nanoparticle sensor system for probing a dip-coated layer of organic molecules, at sub-100 nm resolution .気中分散微粒子を用いたSERS法によって、表面上の分子「パターン」に対して直接「検査」可能な技術

関連技術 Related topics: 残留農薬の検出に向けて, Detect a pesticide in the field.

There’s more…さらに詳細に

Iinoya Award to a student (30th. Symposium on Aerosol). 院生が学会賞受賞

Iinoya Award 2013 for Masao Gen
Doctoral student: MASAO GEN got the 2013 IINOYA AWARD
during 30th SYMPOSIUM ON AEROSOL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (held in Kyoto Univ.)
(Supplementary prize = cash prize of 100,000 Yen)


“Development of a portable sensor system based on aerosol particles to detect pesticide residues”


(東京農工大学・大学院博士後期課程)玄 大雄

The award selection was based from a “special session” (5 min. presentation and more than 10 min. Q/A). This session is the only session running; few hundred attendees were the judges. Not only graduate students, but senior researchers also join this session. 【井伊谷賞】ほとんどのシンポジウム参加者が審査員..特別セッションでの優れた発表を対象.エアロゾルに関する萌芽的な研究,問題点の指摘,新しい分野の開拓,未来志向の夢のある話題など,学会の発展・活性化に寄与するものについて,遊びとゆとりの気持ちを持って発表.(エアロゾルとは、気相中に浮遊する固体または液体)

これまでの受賞者: A list of winner of Iinoya Award.

Our other presentations at
August 27−29, 2013, Kyoto Univ.
2013年 8月27日(火)- 29日(木)

Evaluation of generation behavior of condensable suspended particulate matter from stationary sources by using model flue gas
E04* 固定発生源からの凝縮性SPM生成挙動のモデル燃焼排ガスを用いた考察
(東京農工大学)前田洋輔・江島達弥・ 塚田まゆみ・Wuled Lenggoro・神谷秀博 (電力中央研究所)野田直希・牧野尚夫
(With TUAT Kamiya Lab, and Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)


Development and evaluation of a coarse particle generator using piezoelectric device
SE09* 圧電素子を利用した粗大粒子発生器の開発と評価
(柴田科学㈱, 東京農工大学)井川誠司
(東京農工大学)玄 大雄・Wuled Lenggoro
(With Sibata Scientific Technology, Ltd)

Measurement of the surface potential of PM2.5 in ambient air
YP05* 環境大気中PM2.5の表面電位の測定
(東京農工大学)K. Kusdianto・玄 大雄・ 佐藤誠一・Wuled Lenggoro
[Poster: Main researchers are Okuda group, Keio Univ.]

(An invited talk in 9th Aerosol Young Researcher Meeting)
“Networked Aerosol Researches”

第9回エアロゾル学会若手討論会 【招待講演】Wuled Lenggoro

Lenggoro at JAAST Symposium Kyoto
– This is photo is provided by Young Associations in JAAST

Student as a project leader in a MEXT/TUAT program, 学生が研究代表者

Masao Gen, a doctoral student got a grant for his project on advancing a sensor technology to detect pesticide on-site. Sponsor = Innovation Advancement Organization (IAO), based on a TUAT/MEXT project.
The program includes few-days training at SRI (Stanford Research Institute, California) and Cornell University.



A reference of our Pesticide Detector (Gen et al., 2011)

2012.3: presentation SCEJ, 学会発表

2012/3/15 Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
Fabrication of particle-based probes and a protocol for detection of pesticide spread in the environment
(in Japanese) by Gen, Kakuta, Kamimoto, Lenggoro
(D1)玄 大雄・ (植物情報物質研究センター) 角田 英男・ (神奈川県産業技術センター) 上元 好仁・Wuled Lenggoro

2012/3/16 Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
Influence of sugar-to-carbon conversion on the synthesis of metal oxide powders
(in Japanese) by Sato, Widiatmoko, Lenggoro
(M2)佐藤 広崇, (D1)Pramujo Widiatmoko, Wuled Lenggoro

2012/3/3 Tokyo: SCEJ students conference
Synthesis of micro-meter sized metal oxide powders for solar-cell application
(in Japanese) by Kondo, Lenggoro
第14回 化学工学会学生発表会(東日本地区)
(B4)近藤 悠介・Wuled Lenggoro

OTHER PRESENTATIONS (by collaborators)
2012/3/16, Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
(東農工大工) ○(学)江島 達弥 ・ (東農工大BASE) (学)関澤 知哉 ・ (正)塚田 まゆみ ・ (正)Wuled Lenggoro ・ (正)神谷 秀博

2012/3/15-17, Sapporo, The 62nd Annual Meetings of Japan Wood Research Society
(農工大農)山根健一、半 智史、山口真弘、Widyanto Dwi Nugroho, (森林総研)黒田克史(北大農)佐野雄三、
(農工大BASE)(M1)関 明人、Wuled Lenggoro、(農工大農)伊豆田 猛, 船田 良

A Visiting Fellow: Dr. Asep Sofyan (Jan. 2012)

Photo from International.ITB.Ac.Id
January 16-21 A visiting fellow:
Dr. Asep Sofyan
(from Department of Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi
Bandung, ITB)

Project: Impact of particles on the plants (food-type)
Sponsor: Indonesian government and Japanese MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (2008-2013)

He was also our visitor in 2008 under JSPS fellowship program: TUAT Biomass project for South-East Asian countries.

Our visitors from abroad

PAPER: Nano-structure for on-site detection of pesticide. 残留農薬の現場検査に向けたナノ構造化

A colloidal route to detection of organic molecules based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) using nanostructured substrate derived from aerosols

>> Jpn. J. Applied Physics, 2011 (Abstract, Full Text PDF)

Collaborated works with:
Plant Ecochemicals Research Center (Eniwa, Hokkaido)
Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center (Ebina, Kanagawa)



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