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Powtex Tokyo 2018: Student Tour

28 Nov. 2018: Lab's students visited POWTEX TOKYO 2018 (Hosted by Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN) 22nd International Powder Technology Exhibition Tokyo. 国際粉体工業展東京2018  We have also visited in 2016 (the same venue: TOKYO BIG SIGHT) . Related to this event, our lab also welcomed guests from Indonesia (Professors from Univ. Padjadjaran, and… Continue reading Powtex Tokyo 2018: Student Tour

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A music concert in our building (BASE Graduate School) 29 Nov.

In the past, some members of our lab had performed in this series (BASE Concert) https://empatlab.net/2015/11/18/music-concert-in-our-building/

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Keynote talk. From “Fast” Electronic Materials to “Slow” Agricultural Studies.

28 Oct. 2018 (Osaka University): Keynote talk by Wuled Lenggoro: Japan-Indonesia International Scientific Conference Transforming a Particle Engineering Lab: From “Fast” Electronic Materials to “Slow” Agricultural Studies. (Photographs were provided by the Organizing Committee) Plenaryには、インドネシア大統領・副補佐官、インドネシア大学・学長、大阪大学・副学長も講演しました. In commemoration of 60th year anniversary of Indonesia and Japan relationship, this conference will bring together Indonesian and Japanese researchers… Continue reading Keynote talk. From “Fast” Electronic Materials to “Slow” Agricultural Studies.

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Open Lab (10 Nov.)

2018年度 秋のオープンキャンパス ~研究室大公開~ 今年度は、全8学科(2019年4月からは、生命工学科、生体医用システム工学科、応用化学科、化学物理工学科、機械システム工学科、知能情報システム工学科の6学科に改組します。)から60研究室を公開します。/opencampus/kougakubu/autumn_setumeikai/ 11/10(土) ●学生によるポスター発表会 11:00~13:00(科学博物館1階企画展示室) ●学科ごとの説明会 14:00~14:30(L0012) 1.学科紹介(15分)宮地准教授 2.入試説明(10分)大橋准教授 ●研究室公開 13:00~17:00 神谷研、銭研、Lenggoro研、徳山研、池上研、 清水研、室尾研、森下研、箕田研、宮地研 https://youtu.be/fOg8blIqUV0

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Doctoral Presentation [博士論文] “Particle Layers” by F. Faizal


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Crowdfunding: Aerosol Research Using Mt. Fuji. 富士山頂の測候所

A "message" from Waseda University (Profs. Okochi and Shimada) クラウドファンディング 富士山頂の測候所から、大気汚染物質の広がりの謎にせまる! https://academist-cf.com/projects/?id=54

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Doctoral Presentation (8/17) on Enzyme Immobilization (by Suryani Saallah) 酵素の固定化(博士公聴会)

DEPOSITION AND IMMOBILIZATION OF ENZYME BY MEANS OF ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC ATOMIZATION (電気流体力学効果を用いた酵素の固定化) by Suryani binti Saallah** 12:30-  17 Aug. 2017 (BASE Building 1F meeting room, TUAT Koganei campus)   ** B.Sc. U. Tek. Malaysia; M.Sc. U. Putra Malaysia; (a faculty member of Univ. Malaysia Sabah, Biotechnology Research Institute) Related publications: Nanoparticles carrying biological molecules: Recent advances and applications,… Continue reading Doctoral Presentation (8/17) on Enzyme Immobilization (by Suryani Saallah) 酵素の固定化(博士公聴会)

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4th Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia (Bandung/Sumedang, 8-9 Aug. 2017)

4th Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia. インドネシアに日本の粉体技術を紹介するイベント(第4回) 8-9 August 2017. Universitas Padjadjaran (Jatinangor campus). Free of charge. 13 powder-related companies (including 5 CEOs) from Japan introduce their developed/patented technologies. More detail> /(jptf4)/  or /icepti-2017/ 1st, 2nd, 3rd Forum in Jakarta, Surabaya, .... > 2012, 2013, 2015.   The following pictures were taken from Univ. Padjadjaran website… Continue reading 4th Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia (Bandung/Sumedang, 8-9 Aug. 2017)

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Doctoral student presented in Asian Particle Technology Symposium 2017 (Taiwan). 博士学生が台湾で発表した

Doctoral student presented in Asian Particle Technology Symposium 2017 (Taiwan). 博士学生が台湾で発表した

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A graduate student at Asian Aerosol Conference (Korea, July 2017)

A doctoral student (Ferry Faizal) presented his study at 10th Asian Aerosol Conference (AAC2017), which was held in Jeju, Korea, 2 to 6 July 2017. Assembly of particles from candle burning Attracting 541 delegates, speakers, and sponsors from 19 countries around the world. Photo: Conference official website

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1st Powder Technology Conference & Exhibition in Indonesia (8-10 Aug. 2017)

1st International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology, Indonesia (ICePTi-2017)  Date: 2017-Aug.8-10, Venue: Univ. Padjadjaran (Jatinangor, near Bandung) in conjunction with  4th Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia.(with 13 companies from Japan) >> The previous Forum (Dr. Lenggoro is Advisory Board Member of ICEPTI and Co-organizer of JPTF)

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Graduated and new students, 2017 卒業生

By doing research with us, the following students finished the course with degrees. ⇒ Other former member | Current member(現メンバー) Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) Y. Asanuma | S. Azuhata* | R. Hogaki | to Master's course/TUAT. ⇒⇒ 博士課程前期 * President's Award for Student Excellence. 学長より学生表彰(学業優秀) Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) A. Ishimoto | A. Takagi | join chemical makers (incl. Global Top 25)… Continue reading Graduated and new students, 2017 卒業生

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Doctoral, Open Presentation (10 Feb.) Atmospheric particles: Collection

Every body is welcome.  web.tuat.ac.jp/~basehome/ 大学院サイトにも掲載されましたが、2月10日(金)BASE 第1会議室にて公聴会があります。 10 Feb., 13:30-15:00 (レンゴロ研究室) KHAIRUNNISA BINTI MOHD PAAD Transfer of Atmospheric Submicrometer-sized Particles Into Liquid- phase by Means of Passive Sampling Systems and Ultrasonic Method (大気中のサブミクロン粒子の液相への転換:パッシブ型サンプラーと 超音波法) 主査:Wuled Lenggoro,   副査:神谷 秀博, 銭 衛華, 赤井 伸行, 稲澤 晋 >> Doctoral Thesis from our Lab: これまでの公聴会、博士論文

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1st event: Japanese Technology -Process Industry- to Indonesia (Feb. 2017)

Organized: Japan Management Association, 日本能率協会(JMA) 第3回プロセス産業向けASEAN販路開拓支援プログラムinインドネシア: http://www.jma.or.jp/asia/process/ Schedule: 2017/Feb/21-23 Cooperated: Society of Chemical Engineers Japan, ENN-net Engineering Network, Co-organized: BIPC, Embassy of Indonesia, Univ. Indonesia. Committee Chair: Kohei Ogawa (Former Vice-President of Tokyo Inst. Tech.) Advisor: Wuled Lenggoro (TUAT and SCEJ) > Brochure/Flyer in PDF JMA is one of Japan's oldest and largest economic organizations.