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OPEN LECTURES (by Wuled Lenggoro)

2021/8: “Fast” Advanced Materials and “Slow” Agricultural Studies (30 min. English See from 33:45

2021/8: “How students with multi-cultures use research” (12 min., Indonesian)

2021/9: “Interdisciplinary Research for the Next Generation” (45 min. Indonesian)

2020/10 “Aerosolized Nanoparticles as Analytical Tools“. (30 min., Indonesian)

Best Poster Award (Asian Aerosol Conference, 2015)

Best Poster Award (Asian Aerosol Conference, 2015/6)

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This 11 minutes video was made by our lab’s students, Yuki IGUCHI (master student) and Akito SEKI (Bachelor student) in 2010. [液滴のつくり方。浮遊する微粒子を移動させてみよう]
化学工学会の支援「夢化学21プロジェクト」のモデル教材 (11分の動画)。


Poster for High School students

|| >> 学科の紹介 (2010) ||

大学情報誌「グリーンキャンパス」2010 || Poster prepared for TUAT Green Magazine (2010)

Poster for bachelor student, for TUAT Green Magazine >



Our experimental area in Fuchu campus

2008-2013: 文部科学省科学研究費補助金新学術領域研究「東アジアにおけるエアロゾルの植物・人間系. へのインパクト」研究領域では、エアロゾル(大気中に浮遊する粒子状物質)の物理・化学とともにその生態系への影響や人間の健康に対する影響の研究を進めています。


A project website: Impact of aerosols on plants and human.

3 minutes movie about TUAT (2013):

Quick Facts – TUAT:
(2012/8) Sankei Newspaper: “Liberal and innovative school spirit…”,
(2012) The world first: Building a plant factory for fruits: Advanced Plant Factory
(2011) Royalty income from patent was the highest among Japanese university, No.2: Kyoto Univ., No.3: Univ. Tokyo, … (Data)
(2007) Ranked #1st Paper Citation Index (Field of Engineering, by Asahi Newspaper/University Ranking 2007 and the ISI-Thomson database)
(2005 fiscal year) Grants per one faculty in joint research with industry was the highest among Japanese universities.