Alumni News: Featured in TUAT Express Magazine (2023)

当時は成績が悪く、研究室・・・・結果的にはそこで出合ったエアロゾル研究の面白さを現在まで突き詰めることになりました。During undergraduate, my grades were poor…. During master/doctoral course, I have continued to pursue my interest in aerosols that I encountered there.

5h Class (Nagaoka Univ. Tech., Doctoral, Science of Technology Innovation) 長岡技術科学大学 技術科学イノベーション専攻(5年間一貫制博士課程) CONTENTS (All in English): 1) Diversity is a tool2) The role of background of a person and a multi-cultural “nation”3) Physics, Statistics, and Economics: Multi- or Inter-Disciplinary ?4) Human Sense versus “Scientific” Measurement: Scales, Size, Number…5) Does intercultural factor improve research-based education? 10-year trial in an Indonesian professor’s lab.