5h Class (Nagaoka Univ. Tech., Doctoral, Science of Technology Innovation)

http://sti.nagaokaut.ac.jp/index.html 長岡技術科学大学 技術科学イノベーション専攻(5年間一貫制博士課程) CONTENTS (All in English): 1) Diversity is a tool2) The role of background of a person and a multi-cultural “nation”3) Physics, Statistics, and Economics: Multi- or Inter-Disciplinary ?4) Human Sense versus “Scientific” Measurement: Scales, Size, Number…5) Does intercultural factor improve research-based education? 10-year trial in an Indonesian professor’s lab.

Alumni “Message”: from World’s top semiconductor equipment manufacturer. 世界トップシェア半導体装置メーカー、卒業生のメッセージ

研究室ではナノ粒子挙動と植物を絡めた研究をしておりましたが、現在の会社は半導体製造業界なので、直接的に関係した分野ではありません。しかし、大学時代に学んだことが思わぬ所で役に立つ場面が多々ありました。In Lenggoro lab, I worked on research involving nanoparticle behavior and botanical materials, but my current company is in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, so this is not a field that I was directly involved with. However, there were many situations where what I learned in the university was useful in unexpected places.