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116 high-school students with parents visited our lab, 工学部説明会・オープンキャンパス

We were one of two labs of TUAT Chemical Engineering for Open-Campus (21 August 2015)


Main host: Master students (Ishimoto: presenter and Takagi: Tour leader)
Visitors: High-school students, parents, etc. 高校生(既卒者、高専生、保護者、高校の先生、塾・予備校の関係者、社会人の参加も歓迎)

5 minutes movie: Open-campus in 2014 Summer (Our lab was in this movie)

Our open lab (until now) /open-lab/

Open Lab (11 July) 高校生が研究室を体験

11 July PM (BASE building 2 F)

3名の高校生が当研究室の「実験」等を体験しました。Three high-school students visited our lab. (Host: Wada and Faizal)




海の水は雲のタネ:微粒子の数千キロの旅 (レンゴロ研究室)

Program in detail / Movie etc… >> Continue reading Open Lab (11 July) 高校生が研究室を体験

With high-school teachers visited two power-plants (発電所の見学)

As one of events sponsored by SCEJ (Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan)
with more than 25 high-school teachers, Lenggoro visited two power-plants (Gas- and Solar-Panel)


Solar Panel closed to Airport



Open Lab for High-School students, 15 June.

15 June:
Semi-Open Lab: For high school student (Host: Koike, Takematsu)

Program (by Department of Chemical Engineering) = openlab2013.pdf

Our Demonstration: How to make spray, 液滴の作り方

Reference >>> a “short” movie made by us

>>> Our events for High-School Students/Teachers

10 visitors from Tokyo National College of Technology, 東京高専(一年生)の訪問

Our lab welcomed ten “young” visitors, 1st grade students, from Tokyo National College of Technology.


(Photo by Y. Nagatsu, 13 June 2013)

Welcomed 70 high-school teachers (5/25)進路指導教員・理数系教員

Together with Kamiya Lab, our lab welcomed 70 high school teachers.
This event was hosted by University/TUAT headquarter.

Host: H. Kanno (Master student) and M. Gen (doctoral student)

平成25年度 進路指導教員・理数系教員対象 第1回進学説明会

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Open Lab for High school students, 16 June 高校生向きオープンラボ

OPEN LAB, 16 June 2012

We welcomed high school students, with a demonstration of spraying liquid using external forces.

Hosts: Takematsu (Bachelor student), Yamada (Master student), Kusdianto (Doctoral student)

Related video: http://youtu.be/lxMwVHYfXFY

(This photo taken at 2010 event)