Projects, Sponsors


MEXT = Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science & Technology in Japan (with KAKENHI = Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research); JSPS = the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science;

JST = Japan Science and Technology Agency; Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology 科学技術振興調整費 through TUAT “Promotion of Environmental Improvement for Independence of Young Researchers”;

JASSO = Japan Student Services Organization;

METI = Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan); NEDO = New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (Japan)

Industries (Companies in Japan).

2018-2023  卓越大学院プログラム TUAT Doctoral scholarship「超スマート社会」を新産業創出とダイバーシティより牽引する卓越リーダーの養成)。博士課程を設置する日本の大学を対象として今年度から始まった新規事業。修士博士一貫のプログラム。学生は経済的支援も受けられる。今年度は38大学54件の申請があり、15件が採択。

kakenhilogom 2020-2023. 植物生産の高度化に向けた選択的沈着による無機化合物散布システムの開発 (Kakenhi 20K05188, JSPS) Development of inorganic compound spreading system by selective- deposition toward more sophisticated plant production)


2017-2020. ナノ粒子構造体の気中加熱による結晶成長促進と多成分系機能材料の合成 (Kakenhi 17K06903, JSPS) Promotion of crystal growth and synthesis of multicomponent functional materials by heating nanoparticle structures in air (gas-phase)

kakenhilogom 2018-2021 (JSPS). (PI: Prof. Suzuki) 難防除害虫のハダニ類を対象としたRNAi農薬の開発. Development of RNAi pesticides for hard-to-control insect mites

kakenhilogom 2018-2021. 持続的農業システムのための食料生産プロセス工学の開拓. Development of food production process engineering for sustainable agricultural systems (Sponsored by a MEXT/JSPS and a company) Collaboration with Profs. H. Kamiya, K. Toyoda, H. Saito)

* Analysis of material transport in plant/leaf surface (Sponsored by a company)

* Electrochemical synthesis of nanoparticles as biomaterials (Sponsored by a company) PATENTED特許出願

* Dispersion/ and assembly of colloidal particles (Sponsored by a company) PATENTED特許出願

kakenhilogom2014-2017  大気中の浮遊微粒子の固体表面への沈着機構の解明のためのモデル化と微粒子の挙動解析 (Kakenhi no. 26420761) : MEXT/JSPS : Understanding the mechanism of deposition of airborne particulates on solid surfaces: Modeling and analysis of particle behavior

Other projects:

kakenhilogom2015-1018: 能動的な安全学習と安全作業のためのスマート化学実験環境に関する研究 分野:ヒューマンインタフェース・インタラクション(PI: Dr. K. Fujinami 藤波 香織 sponsored by MEXT/JSPS),

From 2013: MEXT Re-Inventing Japan Project, 大学の世界展開力強化事業東京農工大、茨城大学、首都大学東京)ASEAN発、環境に配慮した食料供給・技術革新・地域づくりを担う次世代人材養成、ASEAN International Mobility for Students Programme (AIMS) || PDF, 説明会資料 || TUAT.News(Nov.2013) || News(Jan.2014)
|| Our activities || Environment-friendly Technological Innovation Course at TUAT Faculty of Engineering.

Between 3 universities (Japan) and 7 universities (Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand)

PAST PROJECTS (at TUAT from 2007)

* 2011-2012: JASSO/TUAT-funded: SSSV/Short-Stay (max.90 days) Program for Indonesian students on Agriculture and Engineering (Lenggoro: Project leader) >> 日本インドネシア農工融合国際人材育成研修プログラム


kakenhilogom 2008-2013: MEXT Kakenhi: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas – Impacts of aerosols in East Asia on plants and human health..【文部科学省】「新学術領域研究(研究領域提案型)東アジアにおけるエアロゾルの植物・人間系へのインパクト」平成20~24年度
Our lab’s tasks:
– Designing sub-micron aerosol exposure system for plants/vegetation (two years type).
– Fabrication of sub-micron aerosol depositor system for leaf surface
– Development of detection methods for submicro-meter sized particles deposited on the leaf surfaces
>> MEXT site
>> TUAT site
= TUAT News, Press Release (2013/08) PDF

kakenhilogom Assembly of charged particles with high crystallinity. 2011-2014: MEXT Kakenhi: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research > MEXT, 基盤研究 JSPS Kakenhi No. 23560904

* 2009-2012: Consultant: as co-adviser for a (METI) project in a manufacturing company

kakenhilogom 2011: An educational project for high-school students, by Society of Chemical Engineers Japan >> 17回高校生のための現代寺子屋講座 [日本発環境テクノロジーが世界を変える] ~身近な問題から学ぼう~ Sponsor: MEXT Kakenhi 平成23 年度科学研究費補助金(研究成果公開促進費) (Lenggoro: Coordinator) >> Website of the event

2007-2009: Development of particle synthesis and deposition methods. Sponsor: TUAT “Promotion of Environmental Improvement for Independence of Young Researchers” under the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology (administered by JST) – 科学技術振興調整費、東京農工大学「若手研究者の自立的研究環境整備促進プログラム」

kakenhilogom 2007-2009: Development of particle synthesis method by a spray method
:: MEXT / Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(*) / 文部科学省、科学研究費「基盤研究」, (2007-2009) through the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

2007: Industry (Consultant) electronic company
2008: Industry (Consultant) electronic company
2009: Industry (Consultant) environment materials company

OUR SPONSORS (from 2007 in TUAT, Tokyo)

2000px-fujitsu-logo-svg   1200px-japan_tobacco_logo-svg   jsps_logotype, and others.

PAST PROJECTS (as collaborator) at TUAT from 2007
研究協力者:実環境大気中エアロゾルの帯電状態の解明. 分野:環境動態解析 (2014-2017 (PI: Dr. T. Okuda 奥田 知明 (Keio Univ.) (sponsored by MEXT/JSPS)

研究協力者 * Next-generation solar cell (sponsored by NEDO). PI: Prof. T. Sameshima (Dept. Electrical & Electronic Engineering, TUAT) 2011-2013

研究分担者 * Dispersion of nanoparticles on to a polymeric matrix (MEXT Kakenhi), PI: Prof. H. Kamiya (TUAT) 2011-2014

研究協力者 * Impact of Particulate on Plant Productivity in Indonesia (sponsored by Indonesian government, 2009-2012, Program Hibah Kerjasama dan Publikasi Internasional). PI: Dr. Asep Sofyan (Institut Teknologi Bandung)

研究協力者 2012-2014: An educational project: On-site Safety Training for Chemistry Experiments, MEXT Kakenhi (P.I.: Prof. K. Fujinami, Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences)…
代表者  藤波 香織(東京農工大学・工学(系)研究科(研究院)・准教授)

2009-2010: An educational project: On-site Safety Training for Chemistry Experiments, MEXT Kakenhi (P.I.: Prof. K. Fujinami, Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences)…化学実験非熟練者の安全技能を向上するスマート実験室に関する研究.(情報工学科藤波研究室)

2008: JSPS “Invitation Program for East Asian Young Researchers”
New multidisciplinary fields (Engineering sciences) Environmental science: Environmental technology/ Environmental materials
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Director; Prof. Takao Kokugan)
Advanced technological development of biomass utilization in Southeast Asia
Members: Fellows from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Universitas Gadjah Mada, University of Lampung, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Chulalongkorn University, Royal University of Agriculture/Cambodia.
平成20年度 JSPS 若手研究者招聘事業-東アジア首脳会議参加国からの招聘-
工学/複合新領域/環境学(環境技術・環境材料)代表:東京農工大学 国眼 孝雄
Members:Indonesia (ボゴール農科大学、バンドン工科大学、ガジャマダ大学、ランプン大学、BPPT バイオテクノロジーセンター), Cambodia (カンボジア王立農業大学), Thailand (チュラロンコン大学)

1998-2006 PAST PROJECTS (W. Lenggoro as co-investigator with K. Okuyama, Hiroshima University) Grants and awards from a number of agencies and industries including:
Kasei Optonix, Kyocera Corp., Matsushita Electric Works, Mitsubishi Chemicals, Toray Corp., Noritake Co., Noritake Kizai Corp., Stanley Electric, Toda Kogyo Corp., Toshiba Corp.

Others (Industry, These names can not be published):
T.M., K.M., S.E., N.C.