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Join us as a doctoral student ? Starting from October or April (two times per year).

Are you interested in doing doctoral studies in the science and engineering of particles (nano-particles, micron-particles, aerosols), as well as the related transport phenomena or phase-tranfers ?

Basic research: Nanometer- and sub-micrometer-sized particles: Synthesis, Measurement, Transport and Assembly

Applications: Material synthesis and processing for energy-related system, plants/food system, chemical-sensor for agriculture, medical-related materials, models for simulating atmospheric phenomena (global warming and climate change, etc.)

⇒⇒ Our research area…

Potential candidates are encouraged to contact us along with Resume, as well as Research Statement.

In this group, Japanese language ability is not “must”. All documents (seminar-handout, abstracts, e-mails) are written in English and all students in our group can speak/write in English. Contact us: LABWL @

A doctoral student can finish the course (with a degree) shorter than 3 years, if the “necessary condition” (publication numbers, etc.) is satisfied. The graduation months are March, June, September, December (four times in a year)

NOTE: Because a number of candidates (from TUAT Dept. of Chemical Engineering, etc.) applied for the entrance exam, right now our group may has no potential to welcome more a Master’s course student.

⇒⇒ Our lab’s current members

⇒⇒ A list of Doctoral Thesis, 博士論文 from our group (started from 2007).

10月または4月入学の博士課程後期学生を募集しています... 微粒子工学の基礎(合成、計測、輸送と固定化).. 電池用等の材料合成方法.. 植物/環境関係技術のための材料プロセッシング(化学センサー、植物育成システム)などに興味ある方いましたら、ご連絡ください ( LABWL ‘@’ )。経済支援(学費免除・リサーチアシスタント)についての相談にものります。学外の学生さんは、インターネット経由で、研究室内のセミナーに参加することができます。社会人博士の方も3名(2008~2018)が入学しました。

2016/January Memo

Document for Japanese government MEXT Scholarship (2016)

  1. (1)Checksheet and Questionnaire(Form 1) (double-side printing)

    (2) Application Form (Form 2) (double-side printing, original, no photocopies)
    Photograph (4.5×3.5 cm, taken within the past six months, upper body, full-faced, no caps or hats. Write your name and nationality on the reverse side. Digital photograph is also acceptable.) must be pasted onto the application form.

Field of Study and Study Program [Research Proposal] (Form 3) (double-side printingDOCUMENT

3.研究業績 (Publication records, etc.)
4.推薦調書 (Prepared by supervisor)
5.総合成績評価報告書 (Prepared by supervisor)

6. CERTIFICATE OF HEALTH – certificate-health201601-MEXT

Recommendation Letter from the Dean or equivalent official of applicant’s home university from both undergraduate and graduate schools addressed to the President of TUAT (free format) (original, no photocopies) This form must be submitted from the university applicant attended for full time study

8. Photographs 4.5 x 3 cm (Do not paste to the document) Electronic file is OK.


9. Photocopy of ID card: Family Register or Certificate of Citizenship

10. Official Academic Transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate schools (originals or certified copies, within three months)

11. Certificate of Graduation or Expected Graduation from both undergraduate and graduate schools (originals or certified copies)


 12. A letter explaining “ranking” etc. of the student, when he/she taking the course (GPA, etc…)

** Evaluation Sheet with a Recommendation Letter from a Supervisor, Head of Department, etc. of the last university attended to verify the potential of applicant (original, no photocopies)

Summary of Thesis (free format)
Applicant who has not written a formal thesis is requested to submit the details of his/her research conducted at his/her home university.

English Proficiency Test Score Report (original, no photocopies)
Applicant is required to submit an English proficiency test score report from TOEFL-iBT, TOEFL-PBT, TOEIC or the IELTS Academic.
++ Score Report of Japanese 2Language Aptitude Test (if applicable)

15. Copy of Applicant’s Passport (the page(s) with applicant’s name, nationality, date of birth and photo)

** All documents have to be prepared “officially” within three months.

** If it is difficult to submit the original one, then you may also an “official” copy of document.

**: These documents must be written in either Japanese or English. A document written in any other language must be attached with a Japanese or English translation. (It is NOT NECESSARY to ask your university side to issue an “official” translation.)

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