Research PagesAt TUAT (a national university), we are at the intersection of Chemical process engineering, Transport phenomena, Particle/Aerosol technology and Bio-systems; Develop technologies to contribute to solving the world’s Grand Challenges: Food production, Water systems, Health and the Environment. Bridging the “micro” and “macro” material transfers within the global environment, as well as the styles of learning国立大学法人・東京農工大学化学工学| 微粒子・エアロゾル工学 | 生物システム | 合成プロセス資源, エネルギー)| 食料 | | 思考法・働き方 |


Wuled Lenggoro(指導教員) + Members + Alumni

»We have been organizing “Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia” since the first (2012, Jakarta).

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Contact: LABWL (a) CC.TUAT.AC.JP twit-logo2Twitter fb-logo2Facebook

This research group was launched in 2007 when Wuled Lenggoro moved from Hiroshima Univ. to Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture & Technology (TUAT), through TUAT/MEXT/JST-Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology, a program on Japan’s 1st generation tenure-track faculty.


Our research or education is driven by the need for “Global Issues” on Energy, Food, and Society (Natural resource & Environmental impact) ~ such as (i) Materials processing (Particle synthesis technology, …); (ii) Technologies for Agricultural research (Plant growth system, Pesticide detector, …); (iii) Health-care/health-risk (Dispersing, measuring & capturing methods for particles in the gas-phase, …)

Chemical Engineering, Aerosol technology, Particle technology, Nano-scale measurement, Solid-state materials synthesis, Fabrication of nanostructures

intro target

:: Exploring strategies in synthesis, measurement and assembly of particulate materials may lead us to new model experiments and simulations that provide a deeper understanding of the phenomena associated with micrometer- and nanometer-sized matters (particles) and to proposals for fundamental concepts ::

Contact e-mail: LABWL (a) CC.TUAT.AC.JP

Physical Address: Lenggoro Lab, BASE Grad. School, Tokyo Univ. Agr. & Technol., 2-24-16, Nakacho, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8588.

〒184-8588 東京都小金井市中町2-24-16 東京農工大学 BASE レンゴロ研究室

Founded in 1949, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) is a public university focusing on engineering and agriculture.

TUAT is small (~5797 students) but is one of the largest recipients of royalty income from patents among Japanese higher level education institutions.

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Keywords, 研究キーワード»»
【物質】Aerosols 気中に浮遊する微粒子, Colloids 液中に浮遊する微粒子, Liquid, Particle 粒子, Pesticide 農薬, Plants 植物, Powder 粉体, Water (sample).
【分野】Agriculture 農学, Energy, Exposure 曝露, Food Engineering 食品工学, Health care 医療, Optical 光学, Risk リスク, Spectrometer 分光, Surface 表面,
【手法等】Analytical method 分析手法, Assembly 集積, Crystallization 結晶化, Electrochemistry 電気化学, Measurement 計測, Modeling, Simulation 数値計算, Synthesis 合成。