AWARD: Best Poster, 9th Asian Aerosol Conference: Insertion of Colloidal Particles in Pores. 最優秀ポスター賞:細孔内への粒子の導入


poster Kusdianto

2015 June:
Best Poster Award at 9th Asian Aerosol Conference

Insertion of colloidal particles in the pores of a honeycomb structure via an aerosol route (気中に分散した液中微粒子のハニカム型多孔質体細孔内への沈着)

K. Kusdianto, M. Gen, M. Tsukada, W. Lenggoro* (*Corresponding author)


A spray-based gas-phase method was proposed to insert presynthesized particles into a honeycomb structure. The fabricated structure, based on anodic aluminum oxide (AAO), had pores with an average diameter of 5.5 μm. When the structure was conductively coated and connected with a negative voltage, the positively charged (~1 μm) particles were located deep inside the pore canal (with a depth up to 130 μm) of the structure. Numerical simulations also showed that the electrostatic effect is the main driving force for inserting the particles.


植物環境における粒子状物質の輸送現象に関する研究 (東京農工大学(研究活動 研究要素集 研究要素集)