The charged state of the collected atmospheric particles.捕集された大気粒子の帯電状態


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Preliminary study on the measurement of the electrostatic charging state of PM2.5 collected on filter media, 

共同研究の成果 Collaborated between:
* Keio Univ: Okuda (Prof.), and graduate students (Yoshida, Gunji, Okahisa) and
* Tokyo Univ. of Agr. & Tech.: Kusdianto (Doctoral-student), Gen (Doctoral-student), Sato (Master-student), Lenggoro (Prof.)

Schematic of experiments

Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment (2015) 9(2):105-113 … more…
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* Charging state is important to understand the process of adverse health effects of PM
* The filters were not significantly charged by friction with air in the absence of PM
* Charge addition to or leakage from the filters was not observed over 2-month storage
* PM2.5 collected on the filters were likely to carry a negative charge

Atmospheric aerosol: PM2.5 (particles suspended in the air) samples were collected in Keio Yokohama campus.

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