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PAPER: Removal of particles from potable water. 水道水(飲料水)から微粒子を採集

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stock-photo-water-pouring-from-a-jug-into-a-glass-on-blue-95668024Removal of iron-oxide particles after post-filtration in local potable water using an electrophoretic method

Collaborated with: Univ. Putra Malaysia; Univ. Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Journal of Water Process Engineering: Vol. 9, Feb. 2016, Pages 208–214. doi:

Full text/PDF: Researchgate, or here

Keywords: Elnaim2016-waterectrophoretic deposition; Fibre electrodes; Limiting flux; Iron oxide; Zeta potential

Recent journal articles from our group.研究室から発表した(最近の)論文1288741555_themes

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BEST PAPER AWARD at International Conference (PURE 2015, Malaysia)最優秀論文賞


11 Nov. 2015. BEST PAPER AWARD, 2nd International Conference on Purity, Utility Reaction and Environmental Research (PURE 2015), Kuala Lumpur.12265664_1658963404361849_7010463302459411147_o
“Development of a battery-driven passive sampling system for electrostatically trapping atmospheric particles”
(M. P. Khairunnisa, F. Faizal, H. Fukushima, M. Gen, P. Widiatmoko, I. W. Lenggoro*)



Full paper : Journal of Purity, Utility Reaction and Environment, 5(2), 43-50 (2016.Apr)

Open Access:


The related study was also honored as BEST POSTER AWARD during 12th Forum of Young Association of JAAST (Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology) 第12回エアロゾル若手フォーラム 2015/10/14 (Keio Univ.)

“A battery- and electrostatic-driven system for sampling suspended particles on a substrate”
(M. P. Khairunnisa, Ferry Faizal, Hisako Fukushima, Masao Gen*, Pramujo Widiatmoko**, I. Wuled Lenggoro)
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; *Tohoku University; **Institut Teknologi Bandung.


PAPER: Effect of water-soluble particles on the growth of plants (2 years)…植物に水溶性微粒子を与えていたら?

JOURNAL: Atmospheric Environment (2014)

Effects of 2-years exposure to (sub-micron) ammonium sulfate particles on growth and gas exchange rates of Fagus crenata (ブナ), Castanopsis sieboldii (スダジイ), Larix kaempferi (唐松) and Cryptomeria japonica (スギ) seedlings

•No significant effect of the particles on growth was observed after 2 years.
•Net photosynthetic rates of 3 species were not significantly changed.
•Net photosynthesis of Cryptomeria japonica was relatively sensitive to (NH4)2SO4.
•Both increase and reduction in net photosynthetic rate were observed in C. japonica.


Four Japanese forest tree species were exposed to submicrometer (NH4)2SO4 particles.

A work from:
TUAT, Agriculture; TUAT, Engineering; Kyoto Univ.; Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute; Hokkaido Univ.

OTHER Recent Papers


Iinoya Award to a student (30th. Symposium on Aerosol). 院生が学会賞受賞

Iinoya Award 2013 for Masao Gen
Doctoral student: MASAO GEN got the 2013 IINOYA AWARD
during 30th SYMPOSIUM ON AEROSOL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (held in Kyoto Univ.)
(Supplementary prize = cash prize of 100,000 Yen)


“Development of a portable sensor system based on aerosol particles to detect pesticide residues”


(東京農工大学・大学院博士後期課程)玄 大雄

The award selection was based from a “special session” (5 min. presentation and more than 10 min. Q/A). This session is the only session running; few hundred attendees were the judges. Not only graduate students, but senior researchers also join this session. 【井伊谷賞】ほとんどのシンポジウム参加者が審査員..特別セッションでの優れた発表を対象.エアロゾルに関する萌芽的な研究,問題点の指摘,新しい分野の開拓,未来志向の夢のある話題など,学会の発展・活性化に寄与するものについて,遊びとゆとりの気持ちを持って発表.(エアロゾルとは、気相中に浮遊する固体または液体)

これまでの受賞者: A list of winner of Iinoya Award.

Our other presentations at
August 27−29, 2013, Kyoto Univ.
2013年 8月27日(火)- 29日(木)

Evaluation of generation behavior of condensable suspended particulate matter from stationary sources by using model flue gas
E04* 固定発生源からの凝縮性SPM生成挙動のモデル燃焼排ガスを用いた考察
(東京農工大学)前田洋輔・江島達弥・ 塚田まゆみ・Wuled Lenggoro・神谷秀博 (電力中央研究所)野田直希・牧野尚夫
(With TUAT Kamiya Lab, and Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)


Development and evaluation of a coarse particle generator using piezoelectric device
SE09* 圧電素子を利用した粗大粒子発生器の開発と評価
(柴田科学㈱, 東京農工大学)井川誠司
(東京農工大学)玄 大雄・Wuled Lenggoro
(With Sibata Scientific Technology, Ltd)

Measurement of the surface potential of PM2.5 in ambient air
YP05* 環境大気中PM2.5の表面電位の測定
(東京農工大学)K. Kusdianto・玄 大雄・ 佐藤誠一・Wuled Lenggoro
[Poster: Main researchers are Okuda group, Keio Univ.]

(An invited talk in 9th Aerosol Young Researcher Meeting)
“Networked Aerosol Researches”

第9回エアロゾル学会若手討論会 【招待講演】Wuled Lenggoro

Lenggoro at JAAST Symposium Kyoto
– This is photo is provided by Young Associations in JAAST

Student as a project leader in a MEXT/TUAT program, 学生が研究代表者

Masao Gen, a doctoral student got a grant for his project on advancing a sensor technology to detect pesticide on-site. Sponsor = Innovation Advancement Organization (IAO), based on a TUAT/MEXT project.
The program includes few-days training at SRI (Stanford Research Institute, California) and Cornell University.



A reference of our Pesticide Detector (Gen et al., 2011)

Open article: Transport and assembly of particles, 粒子の輸送と集積化

Open article:


An open article, by Wuled Lenggoro (2008, 2009)

* Possible applications
– For Environment & Energy: Selective-deposition method for liquid-phase nanoparticle
– For Healthcare – Measuring the non-spherical nanoparticles in the gas-phase

* Potential impact on the environment :
– Development of the “world-first” and “the only” thermal analysis method for nanoparticle
– Direct assembly method of nanoparticle layer with high-crystallinity
– Direct-patterning of nanoparticle without using a vacuum system

* Expected impact on society

>> PDF, 550 KB

>> Another article (in Japanese): Enhancing crystallization and functionalization of materials via spray route. 噴霧法における微粒子材料の結晶化と機能化(2005-2007)

A Visiting Fellow: Dr. Asep Sofyan (Jan. 2012)

Photo from International.ITB.Ac.Id
January 16-21 A visiting fellow:
Dr. Asep Sofyan
(from Department of Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi
Bandung, ITB)

Project: Impact of particles on the plants (food-type)
Sponsor: Indonesian government and Japanese MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (2008-2013)

He was also our visitor in 2008 under JSPS fellowship program: TUAT Biomass project for South-East Asian countries.

Our visitors from abroad