Exposure: Soot-particles vs. growth rates of plants 植物成長 vs スス粒子


Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment, 2012.

Effects of long-term exposure to black carbon particles on growth and gas exchange rates of Fagus crenata, Castanopsis sieboldii, Larix kaempferi and Cryptomeria japonica seedlings

Fagus crenata, Castanopsis sieboldii, Larix kaempferiおよびCryptomeria japonica苗の成長とガス交換速度に及ぼす黒色炭素粒子への長期曝露の影響

M. Yamaguchi, Y. Otani, K. Takeda, I. W. Lenggoro,
A. Ishida, K. Yazaki, K. Noguchi, H. Sase, N. Murao, S. Nakaba, K.
Yamane, K. Kuroda, Y. Sano, R. Funada, T. Izuta


This is the world`s first “exposure” study using sub-micro meter (few hundred nanometers) sized particles with growing plants designed for multi-year experiment.



Particles vs Plant growth

NOTE: An article on designing/fabricating the
chamber system used in the project will be published in another

forest tree species, black carbon particles, exposure, growth, gas exchange rates, stomatal diffusive conductance 森林樹種、黒色炭素粒子、暴露、成長、ガス交換率、気孔拡散コンダクタンス

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