Present at Aerosol Conference (Fukuoka, 28 Aug.)葉面の粒子, 粒子の生成方法と計測方法



2012/08/28, Fukuoka, 第29回エアロゾル科学・技術研究討論会
Hygroscopic behavior of inorganic particles deposited on solid surfaces
(M2)Akito Seki, (D1) Erika Herliana, (D1) Masao Gen, W. Lenggoro

2012/08/28, Fukuoka, 第29回エアロゾル科学・技術研究討論会
Investigation of the particle generation technique for flat number-size distribution
(D3)井川誠司, Wuled Lenggoro

B08* 樹木葉面に暴露した硫酸アンモニウム粒子の可視化
Visualization of the surface of tree leaves exposed to ammonium sulfate particles
(東京農工大・農) 山根健一・半 智史・ 山口真弘・Widyanto Dwi Nugroho
(森林総合研究所) 黒田克史
(東京農工大・工)関 明人・Wuled Lenggoro
(東京農工大学大学院・農)伊豆田猛・船田 良
K. Yamane, S. Nakaba, M. Yamaguchi, W. D. Nugroho, K. Kuroda, Y. Sano, A. Seki, W. Lenggoro, T. Izuta, R. Funada
Faculty of Agric., Tokyo Univ. of Agric. & Technol.
Forestry and Forest Products Res. Inst.
Faculty of Agric., Hokkaido Univ.
Faculty of Technol., Tokyo Univ. of Agric. & Technol.

B01* 固定発生源からの微粒子排出挙動の表面積濃度による評価
Evaluation of fine particle emission from stationary sources by surface area concentration
(東京農工大)新井美葉・山田真以子・江島達弥・関澤知哉・井川誠司・濱 尚矢・ 塚田まゆみ・Wuled Lenggoro・神谷秀博

* W. Lenggoro was a session chair, and member of an award committee, during this conference.