“Old” and “new” students

After three years with us, Y. Hogaki and S. Azuhata, two master-course graduates entered the industries (Hitachi Chemical 日立化成, and Daikin Industries ダイキン工業) and other two fellows (without master-thesis), Y. Asanuma and N. Yoshida, continued to the doctoral course, still with our research group. 2名が博士課程進学 >> Current Members. >> Alumni.

2 undergrad. students presented in Hachinohe (Aomori), 化学工学会学生発表会(八戸市)

Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan – 17th Students Annual Meeting (Hachinohe, Aomori Pref.) 化学工学会第17回学生発表会 C20 寒天ゲル内微粒子の輸送メカニズムの解明に向けた実験的検討 和田 光樹・ Wuled Lenggoro  ♣ Keywords: hydrogel, particle, transport D17 燃焼による微粒子排出量の低減に向けた実験的検討 石本 淳視・ Wuled Lenggoro   ♣ Keywords: combustion, particle, flow Presentation by student. 学生による学会等の発表

AIMS program. Bachelor Student Exchange (One semester). TUAT & ASEAN. Re-Inventing Japan Project. 奨学金付ASEANに留学

Updated: AIMS website at TUAT: http://www.tuat.ac.jp/~intl/aims/ May 2: A report (in Indonesian) by a student of ITB, Bandung who stayed for 2-weeks-program. stei.itb.ac.id/ Hand-Out of AIMS at TUAT http://www.tuat.ac.jp/~intl/aims/download/AIMS_one_semester_2014-15.pdf April 2014: 2週間派遣の報告会(4月24日) April 2014: 1 semester派遣の説明会 March 2014: Welcome Thailand delegation from KMUTT 3 Feb.: Requirements for two-weeks stay program in Tokyo (Mar. 2014) for…

Essay: 長期的なビジョン a long-term vision

長期的なビジョンがないまま、プロジェクトや大学のメリットのために「使える人材」として留学生を獲得するという短期的視野が強くなることを恐れています。I am afraid that without a long-term vision, there will be a stronger short-term view of acquiring international students as “useful” people for projects and university benefits.