Doctoral student presented in Asian Particle Technology Symposium 2017 (Taiwan). 博士学生が台湾で発表した


Ferry Faizal (doctoral student) presented “Decomposition of solution droplets under the influence of thermal convection over a heated horizontal plate” in the 7th Asian Particle Technology Symposium (30 July – 3 August, 2017 at Chang Gung University Campus, Taoyuan, Taiwan).

020  027

Our talk was invited and published in APT2017 special issue (Advanced Powder Technology).


  • The role of thermal convection on reactive spray deposition over a heated plate.
  • Nozzle-to-plate distance affecting morphology and size of deposited particles.
  • Discovery of a low-energy route to layer of nanometer-sized particles with high crystallinity.


  • 加熱されたプレート上の溶液ミストの熱分解と堆積に対する熱対流の役割
  • ノズルとプレートとの距離が堆積粒子の形態とサイズに影響した。
  • 高結晶性を有するナノサイズ粒子層への低エネルギー手法の発見。

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