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Music Concert in our Building (18 Nov. 18:00)

11月18日(水)の18:00~21:00、BASE本館1階アトリウムで、BASE Concert 2015を開催します。

化学システム工学科の複数の研究室から、多数の学生(卒論生、修士課程、博士課程)がプレイします。A lot of graduate students in our department will play: guitar, piano, vocals…
Our lab’s member will be the last performer in Menu: コンサートのプログラム

kuwata-takenouchi  Photo: In the 3rd BASE concert (2007), our lab’s member (Dr. Kuwata) performed a cello (Piano played by Kamiya lab’s student: Mr. Takenouchi): /~koukai/gakuho/2007/465/topics.html

** BASEは学内の農学部、工学部だけでなく、他大学の理学部や薬学部などから幅広い学生が入学して、分野を超えて学び研究する大学院です。そこで、学生、教職員の共通認識として、コミュニケーションを第一に考えており、本コンサートもその意識が端緒になっています。

3rd Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia, 2-3 Sept. 2015 日本の粉体技術を紹介する(第3回フォーラム in インドネシア)

We are organizing…

3rd JAPAN POWDER TECHNOLOGY FORUM in INDONESIA //powdertech.wordpress.com/
(Bandung, 2 September 2015)

The 3rd Forum will be held by aligning with PIPS2015 (2nd Padjadjaran International Physics Symposium 2015 (organized by Department of Physics, Universitas Padjadjaran) 最新プログラム:PIPS 2015 Program,Final

2 September 2015 14:00-16:00 (including Tea-break, Free/talk time)
PLACE: BALE SAWALA, Kampus Universitas Padjadjaran, Jl. Raya Bandung-Sumedang km. 21, Sumedang, Jawa Barat Indonesia
(on 3 September, all Japanese participants will visit pharmaceutical company etc. around Bandung)

* Spray Drying (by M. Ohkawara, CEO, Ohkawara Kakohki Co. Ltd.)
* Grinding/Crushing System (by T. Makino, CEO, Makino Mfg Co.,Ltd.)
* Classifier, Mixer, Granulator (by T. Tanimoto, President, Tokuju Corporation)
* Various Japanese Machinery for Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical etc. (by T. Shibao, MATSUBO Corp./KOBELCO Trading)
* Particle research networks at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (by W. Lenggoro, Prof.)
* Atomizer Mill (by H. Ebihara, CEO, Tokyo Atomizer M.F.G., Co.,Ltd.)
* Electrostatic charging of particulate materials (by T. Matsuyama, Prof., Soka University, Tokyo) As Invited talk at PIPS.
* Fine bubble technology (by N. Aya, Dr., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology – AIST) As Invited talk at PIPS.

W. Lenggoro, T. Matsuyama, T. Makino
I Made Joni, Camellia Panatarani (Universitas Padjadjaran)

The objectives of this forum is to introduce the field of Powder-Technology and technologies developed by Japanese companies/societies. The 1st Forum was held in Jakarta (2012) and 2nd Forum was in Surabaya (2013)
Large room at NNSin 2013, thamrin2012ain 2012.

“Powder Technology” dealing with the production, handling, modification, and use of a wide variety of powder/particle (dry or wet) materials, in sizes ranging from nanometers to centimeters; its scope spans a range of industries to include chemical, petrochemical, agricultural, food, pharmaceuticals, mineral processing, advanced materials, energy, and the environment.

116 high-school students with parents visited our lab, 工学部説明会・オープンキャンパス

We were one of two labs of TUAT Chemical Engineering for Open-Campus (21 August 2015)


Main host: Master students (Ishimoto: presenter and Takagi: Tour leader)
Visitors: High-school students, parents, etc. 高校生(既卒者、高専生、保護者、高校の先生、塾・予備校の関係者、社会人の参加も歓迎)

5 minutes movie: Open-campus in 2014 Summer (Our lab was in this movie)

Our open lab (until now) /open-lab/

Lenggoro as a committee member in OPC2014, 微粒子光学分析に関する国際会議

Lenggoro acted as a committee member in OPC2014:
International Conference on Optical Particle Characterization, Tokyo, 10-14 Mar. 2014.


Steering Committee
Chair: Nobuhiro Aya (AIST)
Secretariat: Jack Yamada (Galileo, Inc.)
Publishing Division:
Tsutomu Shimura (Univ. of Tokyo)
Tomohiro Shirai (AIST)
Liaison Division
Hirohide Furutani (AIST)
Norihiko Iki (AIST)
Exhibition Division
Naoya Hama (Tokyo Dylec Corp.)
Atsushi Nukanobu (Nikkiso Co., Ltd.)
Web Division
Norikazu Namiki (Kogakuin Univ.)
Kayori Takahashi (AIST)
Executive Division
Kensei Ehara (AIST)
Shigehisa Endoh (Tech. Res. Assoc. for Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes)
Tatsuo Igushi (HORIBA, Ltd.)
Katsuhiro Ishii (Graduate School for the Cretion of New Photonics Industries)
Wuled Lenggoro (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology)
Tatsushi Matsuyama (Soka Univ.)

With high-school teachers visited two power-plants (発電所の見学)

As one of events sponsored by SCEJ (Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan)
with more than 25 high-school teachers, Lenggoro visited two power-plants (Gas- and Solar-Panel)


Solar Panel closed to Airport



Co-hosted a symposium: Aerosols on Plants & Human Health, 「エアロゾル・植物」行事を共催

Symposium : 東アジアにおけるエアロゾルの植物・人間系へのインパクト
Impacts of Aerosols in East Asia on Plants and Human Health

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas

Date: 24-26 January 2013, Place: Building no.11, TUAT Koganei campus.




Seminar on Crystallization with TU Delft, デルフト工科大研究者とセミナー「結晶化」

Bilateral seminar on crystallization – Between TU Delft Netherlands and TUAT

W. Lenggoro, M. Iijima (TUAT)
H.J.M.Kramer (Delft University of Technology (T.U. Delft)

Time = 2012 Jan.20, 10:00-12:00 (with TUAT/BASE Open-Lab = 11:30-12:00)
Place = TUAT BASE building 1st floor meeting room

Technical Panel of Crystallization of the Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering Japan,
一般社団法人日本粉体工業技術協会 晶析分科会