Music Concert in our Building (18 Nov. 18:00)

11月18日(水)の18:00~21:00、BASE本館1階アトリウムで、BASE Concert 2015を開催します。 化学システム工学科の複数の研究室から、多数の学生(卒論生、修士課程、博士課程)がプレイします。A lot of graduate students in our department will play: guitar, piano, vocals… Our lab’s member will be the last performer in Menu: コンサートのプログラム   Photo: In the 3rd BASE concert (2007), our lab’s member (Dr. Kuwata) performed a cello (Piano played by Kamiya lab’s student: Mr. Takenouchi): /~koukai/gakuho/2007/465/topics.html ** BASEは学内の農学部、工学部だけでなく、他大学の理学部や薬学部などから幅広い学生が入学して、分野を超えて学び研究する大学院です。そこで、学生、教職員の共通認識として、コミュニケーションを第一に考えており、本コンサートもその意識が端緒になっています。

3rd Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia, 2-3 Sept. 2015 日本の粉体技術を紹介する(第3回フォーラム in インドネシア)

We are organizing… 3rd JAPAN POWDER TECHNOLOGY FORUM in INDONESIA // (Bandung, 2 September 2015) The 3rd Forum will be held by aligning with PIPS2015 (2nd Padjadjaran International Physics Symposium 2015 (organized by Department of Physics, Universitas Padjadjaran) 最新プログラム:PIPS 2015 Program,Final 2 September 2015 14:00-16:00 (including Tea-break, Free/talk time) PLACE: BALE SAWALA, Kampus Universitas Padjadjaran,…

116 high-school students with parents visited our lab, 工学部説明会・オープンキャンパス

We were one of two labs of TUAT Chemical Engineering for Open-Campus (21 August 2015) 2015年度工学部説明会・オープンキャンパス【化学システム工学科】 8月21日(金)10時~13時、14時~17時 (1)学生生活紹介(学生代表2名)、(2)滝山研、レンゴロ研見学 Main host: Master students (Ishimoto: presenter and Takagi: Tour leader) Visitors: High-school students, parents, etc. 高校生(既卒者、高専生、保護者、高校の先生、塾・予備校の関係者、社会人の参加も歓迎) 5 minutes movie: Open-campus in 2014 Summer (Our lab was in this movie) Our open lab (until now) /open-lab/

Lenggoro as a committee member in OPC2014, 微粒子光学分析に関する国際会議

Lenggoro acted as a committee member in OPC2014: International Conference on Optical Particle Characterization, Tokyo, 10-14 Mar. 2014. Steering Committee Chair: Nobuhiro Aya (AIST) Secretariat: Jack Yamada (Galileo, Inc.) Publishing Division: Tsutomu Shimura (Univ. of Tokyo) Tomohiro Shirai (AIST) Liaison Division Hirohide Furutani (AIST) Norihiko Iki (AIST) Exhibition Division Naoya Hama (Tokyo Dylec Corp.)…

Co-hosted a symposium: Aerosols on Plants & Human Health, 「エアロゾル・植物」行事を共催

Symposium : 東アジアにおけるエアロゾルの植物・人間系へのインパクト Impacts of Aerosols in East Asia on Plants and Human Health Sponsor: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas Date: 24-26 January 2013, Place: Building no.11, TUAT Koganei campus. 平成25年1月24日~26日に東京農工大学(工学部、小金井キャンパス)において平成24年度第2回全体会議を行います。 Program: Project:

Seminar on Crystallization with TU Delft, デルフト工科大研究者とセミナー「結晶化」

Bilateral seminar on crystallization – Between TU Delft Netherlands and TUAT Speakers: W. Lenggoro, M. Iijima (TUAT) H.J.M.Kramer (Delft University of Technology (T.U. Delft) Time = 2012 Jan.20, 10:00-12:00 (with TUAT/BASE Open-Lab = 11:30-12:00) Place = TUAT BASE building 1st floor meeting room Sponsor: Technical Panel of Crystallization of the Association of Powder Process Industry…

Upcoming events…今後の行事予定

>> EVENTS – 2010-2011. ======================================================================================= ORGANIZED EVENT 2011/Oct-2012/Marc: Visiting (max. 90 days) program sponsored by Japanese government for graduate students at Indonesian Universities (ITB, IPB, UI). (Lenggoro: Project leader). >> CO-ORGANIZED EVENT 2012/Mar.3: Society of Chemical Engineers – East Japan Chapter 14th Students presentations (Lenggoro: organizing committee; Y. Kondo: Presenter)…化学工学会第14回学生発表会, 国立東京工業高等専門学校 (レンゴロ:実行委員会委員) 20-21 September…