A student presented. Aerosol Sci. & Tech. Conference, エアロゾル科学技術研究討論会(学生が発表)Aug. 7


2014 (6-8 August):
JAAST (Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology) Annual Conference, Tsukuba (AIST area).


C04* 親水性が異なる表面への帯電エアロゾルの選択的沈着
Deposition of charged aerosols on to a hydrophilic patterned surface
by Kusdianto (Doctoral student), Gen (Former doctoral student), Lenggoro


A collaborated work with Keio University (Dr. Okuda group)

“Charge condition of PM2.5 collected on a filter”
I09* フィルターに捕集されたPM2.5の帯電状態の測定
(東京農工大学)K. Kusdianto・玄 大雄・佐藤誠一・Wuled LENGGORO

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