How small can the enzyme be ?酵素粒子はどこまで小さくできるのか?


Transformation of an enzyme: from aqueous suspension to fine solid particles via electrospraying route 静電噴霧法による糖転移酵素の微粒化

by* Dept. of Process and Food Engineering, Univ. Putra Malaysia; * Biotechnology Research Institute, Univ. Malaysia Sabah; * Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Univ. Teknologi MARA; * Grad. School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology

JOURNAL: Enzyme and Microbial Technology


•Nanometer-sized CGTase enzyme particles. ナノサイズの酵素粒子の生成

•The functional groups of solidified enzyme were undeteriorated after the electrospraying.高電圧のプロセスにも関わらず、酵素の「質」が維持される。


CGTase is an enzyme: Capable of converting starch and related substrates into cyclodextrins (CDs). CD is widely used as a quality-improving agent in food products for various applications including: fixation of volatile substances, such as fragrances and spices; powderization of alcohols; solubilization of insoluble substances; and masking of unpleasant odors and bitter tastes..


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