Aerosols deposit behind the sheet (Plant leaf model)?(植物葉モデル)薄板の裏側までエアロゾルが沈着する?


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Simultaneous deposition of submicron aerosols onto both surfaces of a plate substrate by electrostatic forces

We demonstrate one-step deposition of submicrometer-sized particles suspended in the gas-phase onto a plate type substrate using an electrostatic-assisted spray system. The particles were deposited on plate-type metallic surfaces, on both front and rear sides of the substrate. This “both-side” deposition can be ascribed to deflection of charged particles in the front side, and then drifting of the particles around the rear side. 気相中に浮遊した帯電微粒子の板状基板上への堆積を実証した。微粒子は基板の表裏両面に堆積した。この 「両面」 の堆積は、表面での荷電粒子の偏向、およびその後の裏面の周りでの粒子のドリフトに帰する。

M. Gen, S. Ikawa, S. Sagawa, I. W. Lenggoro
e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology, 2014. Open access.



This paper explains a mechanism in which particles are deposited on both sides of a target flat plate by floating charged particles of submicron in air.
[Development] Understanding of the behavior of fine particles deposited on plant leaves (spraying method of agricultural chemicals, etc.)
[Development] The field of electrostatic painting for automobiles, etc.