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Graduation ceremony for 2 students (20 Sept.) 卒業式

Graduation day for

    • Ms. Suryani binti Saallah (Doctor of Engineering) 博士(工学)(B.S. Univ. Tek. Malaysia; M. S. Univ. Putra Malaysia) Will return to Univ. Malaysia Sabah as a lecturer at Biotechnology Research Institute. –Google scholar
    • Mr. Mitsuki Wada (Master of Engineering) 修士(工学)(B.Eng. Tokyo Univ. Agr. Tech.) Will continue to doctoral course in our group.

    Alumni of our lab at TUAT: List

Professors from Malaysia and Indonesia

Mar 6, 2017
Dr K. Kusdianto (TUAT alumnus (D.Eng., 2014), also with Hiroshima Univ, 2016-2017)
Permanent position: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Indonesia

Jan 30, 2017
Prof. K. Yoneda (MJIIT/UTM, Malaysia)

/Our Visitors/People

Welcomed Prof. Wan Ramli Wan Daud (Univ. Kebangsaan Malaysia)

28 Feb. 2017

ukm-professors2017Two professors visited our lab:
Prof. Wan Ramli Wan Daud *
Prof. Edy Herianto
from Univ. Kebangsaan Malaysia, Department of Chemical & Process Engineering and Fuel Cell Institute.

* His history/news on “Merdeka” award 2016
* One of Thomson-Reuters’ The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2016 and 2017.

Merdeka Award 2016

A doctoral student was interviewed: 9 pages (Scripta, 2016, Books Kinokuniya) 紀伊國屋書店の無料冊子Scripta

IMG_1562An interview article (9 pages) on “Nisa”: a Malaysian doctoral student in our lab,

interviewed by Mayumi MORI, a nonfiction writer.

in SCRIPTA (Summer 2016, pp. 5-13), a free journal published by Kinokuniya (The largest bookstore chain in Japan (founded in 1927). 紀伊國屋書店出版部の無料冊子

研究室の話しも載っています(p.12)。このNisaのインタビューは森まゆみさんの連載の最終回だそうです。「お隣のイスラム」は単行本として刊行予定(紀伊国屋書店, 2016/7)。


お隣りのイスラーム――日本に暮らすムスリムに会いにいく 単行本(ソフトカバー)
出版社: 紀伊國屋書店


“Re-use” enzyme in 200 nm polymer fiber: ポリマー繊維中に「再利用」酵素を固定化

Other “intro” of papers from our lab >> /tag/paper/

Immobilisation of enzyme into synthetic resin nanofibres via electrospinning. 電界紡糸法(エレクトロスピニング)による酵素の樹脂(繊維)中への固定化

Biotechnology Reports, 10, 2016, 44–48

OPEN ACCESS >>  dx.doi.org/

Resin樹脂: Polyvinyl alcohol. 親水性が強い。
Enzyme酵素: cyclodextrin glucanotransferase。グルコースのオリゴ糖が環状となった構造で、食品、医薬に使用。

* PVA nanofibers structure and size were not affected by the addition of enzyme. PVAナノファイバー構造とサイズは酵素の添加に影響されなかった。
* Enzyme/PVA nanofibers show excellent immobilisation efficiency. 酵素/PVAナノファイバーは優れた「固定化」効率を示す。


S Saallah, et al. Journal of Fiber Science and Technology, 2017. (OPEN ACCESS)
S Saallah, IW Lenggoro: KONA Powder and Particle Journal 2018015, (OPEN ACCESS)

Related topics. 食品工学に関するトピックス Food Engineering

Recent journal articles from our group.研究室から発表した(最近の)論文1288741555_themes

PAPER: Removal of particles from potable water. 水道水(飲料水)から微粒子を採集

Other “intro” of papers from our lab >> /tag/paper/

stock-photo-water-pouring-from-a-jug-into-a-glass-on-blue-95668024Removal of iron-oxide particles after post-filtration in local potable water using an electrophoretic method

Collaborated with: Univ. Putra Malaysia; Univ. Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Journal of Water Process Engineering: Vol. 9, Feb. 2016, Pages 208–214. doi:

Full text/PDF: Researchgate, or here

Keywords: Elnaim2016-waterectrophoretic deposition; Fibre electrodes; Limiting flux; Iron oxide; Zeta potential

Recent journal articles from our group.研究室から発表した(最近の)論文1288741555_themes

Continue reading PAPER: Removal of particles from potable water. 水道水(飲料水)から微粒子を採集

AIMS student from Malaysia (UTM) stayed. 1週間滞在

After a semester program at TUAT/AIMS. Mr. “Ben” (an undergraduate student of Univ. Teknologi Malaysia) stayed at our lab for a week.

We have been supporting TUAT/AIMS program since the initial period (2014). For detail our activities on AIMS program, click here.banner_aims

Participants in BASE building. Photo is from: www.tuat.ac.jp/~nomalab/aims_short_2014/
AIMS students 2014

TUAT was one of the first universities in Japan joining AIMS (an ASEAN educational network):
TUAT/AIMS was the first one-semester bachelor degree students exchange in- and from-Japan.