TUAT “moonshot” project PI, Dr. T. Suzuki on NHK-TV (Feb.6)“昆虫食”が世界を救う”Insect Food” will save the world.



日曜夜11:30~ (再放送)土曜午前11:00~

Sunday 23:30 and the next Saturday 11:00

話題の「昆虫食」にまさかこんなパワーがあったとは!地球の食糧不足・貧困・環境問題を解決する切り札として「昆虫食」が大注目。多様な方法で「貧栄養のエサ」から「良質のたんぱく質を作り出す」昆虫の驚きの能力や、飼育による環境負荷が小さい「地球にやさしい食糧源」としての可能性も見えてきた。ゲノム編集によってアレルギー対応の昆虫を目指す現場や、養殖の飼料としても活用する試みも。魅惑の昆虫食の世界にようこそ!How did you know that the much-talked-about “insect food” had such power? Insect diets are attracting a great deal of attention as a solution to global food supply problems, hunger, poverty and environmental issues. The surprising ability of insects to “produce high-quality protein” from “nutrient-poor food” in various ways, and their potential as an “earth-friendly food source” with a small environmental impact from their farming, have also come to be recognized. There are also trials in the field to create allergy-friendly insects by genome editing, and to use them as feed for aquaculture. Welcome to the fascinating world of insect eating!

Also another colleague (Dr. Watanabe, Tokushima Univ. and CEO of a spinoff company) also will be on NHK-TV.


SDGs Challengers: Feeding the World with Edible Crickets. Fri., February 11 23:30 ~~ Sat., February 12 5:30/ 12:10/ 19:10 ~~ Thursday, February 17 4:00

Another collaborator: 葦苅 晟矢 COE of ecologgie(エコロギー)His long-interviews by BusinessInsider


About the MOONSHOT Project, started in 2021 (a ten years project)

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

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