Discover how hydrophilicity levels affect aerosol deposition. Learn from the Plant Leaf. 植物に学んだ。親水性レベルがエアロゾル付着にどのように影響するかを発見した!



Area-selective deposition of charged particles derived from colloidal aerosol droplets on a surface with different hydrophilic levels...J. Aerosol Science. (a work by Kusdianto (Doctoral student, now with ITS, Indonesia), and Gen (Doctoral student, joined Tohoku Univ. then City Univ. Hong Kong)

* Charged aerosol particles were derived from spraying colloidal droplets.
* Substrate with different ‘levels’ of hydrophilicity was used.
* Positively charged aerosol particles tended to approach the ‘more hydrophilic’ area.

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We investigated the behavior of charged particles suspended in the gas phase on substrates (surfaces) with different degrees of hydrophilicity.
It was found that positively charged particles tend to deposit (adhere) to surfaces with higher hydrophilicity.
Application 1: Hints for material patterning technology
Application 2: Hints for research on the deposition of airborne particles on plant surfaces


>>> Some journal papers from our group.

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