An interview by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun 日刊工業新聞 (one of the leading daily newspapers)


日刊工業新聞・経営ひと言/東京農工大学のウレット・レンゴロ教授「育児休業を取得」 (2019/7/22 科学技術・大学)


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An interview article. Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (one of the leading daily newspaper in Japan) on Management Word: Taking Childcare Leave (2019/7/22)

“I took 3 months of childcare leave, but my research group (lab) was so active that I thought, ‘Is it better not to be in campus?'” said Wuled Lenggoro, a professor at the Graduate School of Engineering at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. “Young male colleagues thanked me for taking child-care leave, saying, ‘You took the lead.'”. “With an infant at home,” he watched the lab’s seminar via internet and sent some instructions by emails. “An “older” student is trained by a “younger” student who asks a ridiculous question.” In the group, for a long time, the professor has rarely spoken out. He also passes on his group-management know-how to those around him, which is suitable for taking such a leave of absence.