Message from Professor. 学生へのメッセージ

大学では学ぶ人(学生)が主役。研究を「道具」とすることで、学生が成長するための効果的な学びが得られる。大学は組織的に学生の成長を支援する。研究室は学生が知識・スキルを自分で生み出すための仕組みを提供するところだ。文献や指導教員の助言は大切であるが、あくまでも手がかりにすぎない。 本当に「使える知識・スキル」は、学生自らの直接体験(実験等に相当)を通して得なければならない。自転車の乗り方を「学習」するために、転びながら練習することが必要なのと同じだ。 他のエッセイ(レンゴロ)(Other essays by Lenggoro) The main actors of a university are its students. By placing the research as a "tool", one can obtain effective learning for students to grow. The university systematically supports the growth of students. The lab (research group) provides a mechanism for students to create knowledge and skills by themselves.… Continue reading Message from Professor. 学生へのメッセージ

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Open lecture: Intercultural Factor in Research-based education (公開)招待講演

Tokyo Tech Indonesian Commitment Award (TICA) TICA 2015 Open Lecture Does intercultural factor improve research-based education? (by Wuled Lenggoro) Date : October 31st , 2015 Time : 18.15 – 20.00 JST Place : Royal Blue Hall, Kuramae Kaikan, Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology http://ppi-tokodai.net/category/tica-2015/ The next photo is linked from: twitter.com/tica_tokodai

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Plenary talk, International Seminar (in Bandung) 国際シンポジウム基調講演 Oct. 31

30-31 Oct. 2014 (Bandung): Prof. Lenggoro delivered a plenary talk at an International Seminar (Venue: Institut Teknologi Bandung ITB) 化学工学に関する国際セミナーでの基調講演 (Photos by I. N.) INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2014, in conjunction with Chemical Engineering Seminar of Soehadi Reksowardojo 2014 (STKSR 2014) Supported by Indonesia Chemical Engineering Chapter of The Institution of Engineers, and Association… Continue reading Plenary talk, International Seminar (in Bandung) 国際シンポジウム基調講演 Oct. 31


Lenggoro as a committee member in OPC2014, 微粒子光学分析に関する国際会議

Lenggoro acted as a committee member in OPC2014: International Conference on Optical Particle Characterization, Tokyo, 10-14 Mar. 2014. http://www.opc2014.org/ Steering Committee Chair: Nobuhiro Aya (AIST) Secretariat: Jack Yamada (Galileo, Inc.) Publishing Division: Tsutomu Shimura (Univ. of Tokyo) Tomohiro Shirai (AIST) Liaison Division Hirohide Furutani (AIST) Norihiko Iki (AIST) Exhibition Division Naoya Hama (Tokyo Dylec Corp.)… Continue reading Lenggoro as a committee member in OPC2014, 微粒子光学分析に関する国際会議

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Interview (to Lenggoro) by Japan Petroleum Institute, 座談会(石油学会)

An interview and a round‐table talk by The Japan Petroleum Institute (Lenggoro with other fellows from AIST, Kyoto Univ., Cosmo Oil Co. Ltd) 多国籍座談会:外国研究機関への留学で感じたこと、石油学会, Petrotech, Vol.36, No.4 (2013) Cover: http://sekiyu-gakkai.or.jp/jp/kankou/petro/petro36.pdf For another Essay etc. = Lenggoro.blogspot.jp

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Invited to 3rd Seminar of Powder Nanotechnology (APPIE) 26 Nov.

http://www.appie.or.jp/event/bunkakai/h24/121126nano.pdf 3rd Seminar of Powder Nanotechnology, Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN (APPIE) (一社)日本粉体工業技術協会 平成24年度 第3回微粒子ナノテクノロジー分科会 2012/11/26 (Venue: TUAT Koganei campus) 13:30-17:10(講演会), 17:15-19:00(懇親会) 会場: 東京農工大学小金井キャンパス エリプス(140 周年記念会館) 3階 13:35~14:30 Fundamentals and application of particle surface design, functionalization and characterization” Wolfgang Peukert (Erlangen University, Germany) 14:30~15:15 (in Japanese, Slides in English) “カーボンナノチューブのCVD合成の理解とカスタム化:1秒合成から連続合成まで” (Understanding CVD… Continue reading Invited to 3rd Seminar of Powder Nanotechnology (APPIE) 26 Nov.