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Welcomed Prof. Khairurrijal and Dr. Miftah Munir from ITB (Bandung)

18 Oct. 2017
We welcomed four guests from Dept. of Physics, Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) Indonesia:
Prof. Khairurrijal*
Dr. M. Miftahul Munir
and doctoral students:
Mr. Dian Ahmad Hapidin
Mr. Casmika Saputra

* He is also the head of ITB-LPPM
(University’s Institute for Research and Community Services)

ITB Campus (Bandung, Indonesia)

Guests: faculty members from Institute Technology Bandung (ITB), visited TUAT Capacitor Research Center.

We welcomed four faculty members from Institute Technology Bandung (ITB)*, Department of Chemical Engineering, Electrochemical Engineering Group.
They visited the TUAT Advanced Capacitor Research Center, (Head is Prof. Katsuhiko Naoi)


* Dr. Pramujo Widiatmoko++
* Dr. Isdiriayani Nurdin,
* Dr. Hari Devianto,
* Dr. Tirto Prakoso.
The host of TUAT Capacitor Center were Dr. Etsuro Iwama, and Dr. Jun-ichi Miyamoto
++ Dr. Pramujo is our Alumnus (TUAT, Lenggoro Lab)

Welcomed Dr. Rino Mukti and Mr. Grandprix (Doctoral student) from ITB (Bandung)

2015 Dec. 5

We welcomed two guests from Dept. Chemistry, Institute Technology Bandung, Indonesia
Dr. Rino Mukti
Mr. Grandprix Kadja (Doctoral student) — He is then the youngest PhD in Indonesia (at the age of 24)

See news: on Mr. Grandprix

A Lecture of Dr. Rino Mukti in 2014 (TUAT Koganei campus)


Visited Chemical Engineering ITB, Bandung with Dr. Pramujo. (卒業生が教員)バンドン工科大学を訪問

2015/Sept/3: Lenggoro visited Dept. of Chemical Engr. ITB, with 8 fellows (including 4 CEOs) from Society of Powder Technology Japan. A lecturer, Dr. Pramujo Widiatmoko (a TUAT Alumnus) kindly welcomed us.


Link between our group and ITB : 当研究室とITBとの関係: /tag/itb/

JST sponsored: 7 days at TUAT/Tokyo: “SAKURA” Exchange Program in Science 採択

2015/7 approved by Japan Science and Technology Agency..“Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science” (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science)”

AIMS: Raising the interest of Asian youths toward the leading Japanese science and technologies at Japanese universities. (Support from intellectuals)

Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering Tour in Tokyo-Tama Area

SCHEDULE (Tentative):
12 Nov. Arrival in Tokyo
13 Nov: Lecture by professors (guest) from TUAT, and TUAT Science Museum (afternoon)
14 Nov: Visit four labs (Lenggoro, Akai, Tominaga, Inasawa, at BASE)
15 Nov.: TUAT Festival (Fuchu campus)
16 Nov: Rigaku Corp., and JEOL Ltd.
17 Nov: JASCO Corp., and Bridgestone Corp.
18 Nov: Museums in Tokyo: Edo-Tokyo Museum, and National Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation),
and “Dinner” with TUAT students.
19 Nov. 2015 (Departure from Tokyo)

NUMBER OF FELLOWS: 10 (Highest priority: Master-course students)

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Faculty of Applied Sciences
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM, Faculty of Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Dept. of Chemical Engineering

HOST: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) Graduate School of BASE

Person-in-charge (Professors at BASE): Y. Tominaga*, S. Inasawa, N. Akai, W. Lenggoro.

– Students (mainly at master course, or in some cases a post-doc (under 40 years of age) who have never stayed in Japan, as a basic principle.

SPONSOR:  Japan Science and Technology Agency.

– Accommodation fee
– An economy-class air ticket to and from Japan (round trip)
– …(TBA)


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Visitors from AIMS universities (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand)

Related to AIMS program between ASEAN and TUAT,
four faculty members from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, visited our lab.


Dr. Andi Isra Mahyuddin (Former Dean)
Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

Dr. Estiyanti Ekawati
Engineering Physics Program
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

Dr. Mohd. Ghazali Mohd. Nawawi
(Vice Dean)
Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia.

Dr. Anak. Khantachawana
(Assistant to the President for International Affairs)
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

Related with AIMS

Welcomed a guest from ITB: Microporous zeolites. ゼオライトの研究者を招へい

Lecture of Dr. Rino Mukti
Lecture of Dr. Rino Mukti

On 3 Dec. 2014 (15:00, Place: BASE 1F meeting room)
We welcomed Dr. RINO MUKTI, an academic staff from Division of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. He is also a member at National Research Center for Nanotechnology, Indonesia. He was also a visiting fellow at University of Tokyo, November-December 2014.

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A talk: “Early development of zeolite research in Indonesia: Progress on Synthesis Strategy and Proposed Applications“.

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