Welcomed a guest from ITB: Microporous zeolites. ゼオライトの研究者を招へい


Lecture of Dr. Rino Mukti
Lecture of Dr. Rino Mukti

On 3 Dec. 2014 (15:00, Place: BASE 1F meeting room)
We welcomed Dr. RINO MUKTI, an academic staff from Division of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. He is also a member at National Research Center for Nanotechnology, Indonesia. He was also a visiting fellow at University of Tokyo, November-December 2014.

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A talk: “Early development of zeolite research in Indonesia: Progress on Synthesis Strategy and Proposed Applications“.

Crystalline microporous zeolites have been known as one of most useful materials nowadays. It has been industrially used as catalyst, ion-exchanger and adsorbent. Recently, the applications of zeolite are widen to emerging topics such as membrane, sensor, electronic device and drug delivery. Indonesia has abundant of natural zeolites and is using synthetic zeolites at the petroleum refineries, hence bringing the potency of developing zeolite research from molecular level up to industrial scale. Our group at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia has been focused on the development of zeolite and other nanostructured material. For example, hierarchically porous (micro-, meso- and macropore) zeolites have been designed to meet the solution to the intracrystalline diffusion limitations of catalyzed reactions. The objective of creating large porosity on zeolite crystal surface is to enhance accessibility, rate of overall catalyzed processes, (molecular diffusion), separation (shape selectivity) and to inhibit the catalyst deactivation process. In this presentation, early development of zeolite research in Indonesia will be discussed.

Keywords: zeolite, MFI, ZSM-5, mesoporous, hierarchical, surfactant.