Moonshot Project 2020-2030 「食・漁・農」のための昆虫研究。”Insects” for Food/Fishery/Farming


30 Mar. 2021: TV programs about Dr. Watanabe research team (Tokushima Univ. and its spin-off company) : アスミライ~笑って学べるSDGs~|民放公式テレビポータル「TVer 動画 : フード・イノベーターズ〜食の革命者たち~ | 情報・ドキュメンタリー番組 | BS12

3 Mar. 2021 Program website:

iF3 Project (アイ・エフ・キューブ)Insect-related studies for Food/Fishery/Farming. 食・漁・農のための昆虫研究 (Moonshot Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research and Development Program)

23 Dec. 2020: The Kick-Off Symposium, Program (

Kickoff Symposium of “Insect-Based Sustainable Food Production Systems toward Global Food Security and Human Space Exploration Project”

Moonshot Goal #5 Creation of the industry that enables sustainable global food supply by exploiting unused biological resources by 2050.

地球規模の食料問題の解決と人類の宇宙進出に向けたコオロギが支える循環型食料生産システムの開発 ~食品残渣等を活用した昆虫の食品化、飼料化等~


Development of a circulatory food production system supported by insects to solve global food problems and to prepare for human expanding to space.

~ Conversion of insects into food and feed using food residues~

Members from TUAT: 農工大からの参画者. website:

  • 鈴木 丈詞 T. SUZUKI(農)生物システム科学部門 Grad. School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE)/Division of Sciences for Biological Systems
  • 梅澤 泰史 T. UMEZAWA (農)生物システム科学部門 BASE/ Dept. of Food and Energy Systems Science:
  • 天竺桂 弘子 H. TABUNOKI(農)生物生産科学部門 Division of Science of Biological Production/Dept. of Biological Production:
  • 新村 毅 S. SHIMMURA(農)生物生産科学部門 Division of Science of Biological Production/Dept. of Biological Production:
  • 古谷 哲也 T. FURUYA(農)共同獣医学科 Cooperative Department of Veterinary Medicine
  • W. LENGGORO(工)化学物理工学科 Dept. of Applied Physics & Chemical Engineering
ムーンショット型研究開発制度は、破壊的イノベーションの創出を目指し、従来技術の延長にない、より大胆な発想に基づく挑戦的な研究開発(ムーンショット)を推進する新たな制度です。The Moonshot Research and Development Program sets ambitious goals to attract people, and promotes challenging R&D projects with the aim of resolving difficult societal issues while bringing together the wisdom of researchers from all over the world.


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