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1st event: Japanese Technology -Process Industry- to Indonesia (Feb. 2017)

Organized: Japan Management Association, 日本能率協会(JMA) 第3回プロセス産業向けASEAN販路開拓支援プログラムinインドネシア: http://www.jma.or.jp/asia/process/ Schedule: 2017/Feb/21-23 Cooperated: Society of Chemical Engineers Japan, ENN-net Engineering Network, Co-organized: BIPC, Embassy of Indonesia, Univ. Indonesia. Committee Chair: Kohei Ogawa (Former Vice-President of Tokyo Inst. Tech.) Advisor: Wuled Lenggoro (TUAT and SCEJ) > Brochure/Flyer in PDF JMA is one of Japan's oldest and largest economic organizations.  

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Our Lab in TUAT Open Campus (2016/8/5)

2016年度夏の工学部オープンキャンパス 化学システム工学科・説明会: 8月5日(金) 対象者:高校生 (既卒者、高専生、保護者、高校の先生、塾・予備校の関係者、社会人の参加も歓迎) 8/5. 前の部:10:00~13:00、午後の部:14:00~17:00 ・・・学生による学生生活紹介(研究室の卒論生)、見学(滝山研究室、Lenggoro研究室) 【応募受付フォーム】  受付:小金井キャンパスBASE棟 2015年度Open Campus (2:09~化学システム工学科・当研究室の様子)

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Open Lab and Explanation for Admission (Grad. School of BASE) (5/21)

Explanation: For entering our graduate school (BASE) Saturday, 21 May 2015 13:00-15:15 From 15:15.. Open Lab (2nd floor, Room 225) Place: Class rooms 1F, BASE building Hosted by: Ishimoto, Takagi, Wada, Kuroda. Program 13:00~13:05 学府長あいさつ 13:05~13:30 BASE概要説明 13:30~14:00 入試について 14:00~14:10 入試関係質疑応答 休憩 14:20~15:15 各グループの説明及び質疑応答 15:15~16:30 参加者による個別の研究室訪問

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Visited Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry. 【見学】電力中央研究所

18 Dec. 2015 After a lunch time (Turkish food) around Kamakura station; we (12 students) visited Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (電力中央研究所) in Yokosuka city (Kanagawa prefecture). Since 2008, some of lab's members have been collaborating with CRIEPI on measuring particulate matters (PM) at the exhaust of coal-based power plant. Thanks to Noda… Continue reading Visited Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry. 【見学】電力中央研究所

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Joint Seminar with School of Agriculture Labs 農学府の研究室と合同セミナー

14 Dec. 2015: Two of our students have presented their studies at a joint seminar with Hatakeyama Lab and Matsuda Lab. Place: FM Tama Kyuryo (Matsuda Lab) More than four students have also visited FM Tama Kyuryo (an experimental "forest" of TUAT sites) in November 2015, for the rain water samples.

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Music Concert in our Building (18 Nov. 18:00)

11月18日(水)の18:00~21:00、BASE本館1階アトリウムで、BASE Concert 2015を開催します。 化学システム工学科の複数の研究室から、多数の学生(卒論生、修士課程、博士課程)がプレイします。A lot of graduate students in our department will play: guitar, piano, vocals... Our lab's member will be the last performer in Menu: コンサートのプログラム   Photo: In the 3rd BASE concert (2007), our lab's member (Dr. Kuwata) performed a cello (Piano played by Kamiya lab's student: Mr. Takenouchi): /~koukai/gakuho/2007/465/topics.html ** BASEは学内の農学部、工学部だけでなく、他大学の理学部や薬学部などから幅広い学生が入学して、分野を超えて学び研究する大学院です。そこで、学生、教職員の共通認識として、コミュニケーションを第一に考えており、本コンサートもその意識が端緒になっています。