A workshop: Australia (Monash Univ.) and Japan (TUAT)


TUAT welcomes a group from Monash Univeristy (led by Professor Aibing Yu, Vice Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow, Pro Vice-Chancellor and President – Suzhou)


“Modelling of reacting flows and industry applications: some examples” Yansong Shen (University of New South Wales)

“Modelling and Simulation of Packing and Flow of Ellipsoidal Particles”, Zongyan Zhou (Monash University)

“DEM-based models for flow, heat and mass transfer and chemical reactions in gas-solid flows”, Qinfu Hou (Monash University)

“Dense Medium Cyclones: from Fundamental Simulation to Process Optimisation”, Jiang Chen (Monash)

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Aerosolisation and Deposition Process in the Inhalers and Realistic Respiratory Tract, Zhenbo Tong (Southeast University / Monash University)

“A comprehensive CFD model for ironmaking blast furnace”, Shibo Kuang (Monash University)

Fundamental study of chemically reacting liquid flow and its application to environmental and energy fields, Yu-ichiro Nagatsu (TUAT)

Modeling water movement in watersheds, Takashi Gomi(TUAT)

Collaboration between Agriculture and Engineering, Wuled Lenggoro (TUAT)

Interfacial instabilities in porous media flows, Manoranjan Mishra, JSPS Invitation fellow, TUAT)

Let’s talk about modeling and simulation in your researches, Mikio Sakai (University of Tokyo)