Alumni卒業生News: 機械学習で”摩擦学”アプリ A machine learning “Tribology” app.


Developed by Dr. Doris Nekesa Khaemba (B.E. at TUAT then M. & D. at UK)

School of Mechanical Engineering | University of Leeds

機械学習型のトライボロジーのアプリA machine learning tribology app.

アプリ開発者の東京農工大学での卒論のテーマは植物由来原料を添加した燃焼合成法による二次電池用粉末の合成でした。英国の大学院に進学した後、「摩擦」研究者になりました。The subject of the developer’s bachelor thesis was the synthesis of powders for rechargeable batteries by combustion synthesis using plant-based materials. She went to postgraduate school in the UK and became a ‘friction’ researcher.

彼女は卒論時の関連論文: Preparation of LiMn2O4 particles by glucose-assisted combustion method (2014)