Doctoral Thesis: Using electrical field for particle assembly in water. 電界を用いた水中ナノ粒子の集積


Mohd. Nazli bin Naim (2007 April – 2010 March)

Graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Chemical Engineering)
Finished Degree at TUAT: Doctor of Engineering (March 2010)
Current position: Universiti Putra Malaysia, Department of Process and Food Engineering, 2010. GOOGLE-SCHOLAR

Electrostatic deposition of aerosol particles generated from an aqueous nanopowder suspension on a chemically–treated substrate
M. N. Naim, N. F. A. Bakar, M. Iijima, H. Kamiya, I. W. Lenggoro*
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2010/06 >> pdf

Electrophoretic packing structure from aqueous nanoparticle suspension in pulse DC charging
M. N. Naim, M. Iijima, H. Kamiya, I. W. Lenggoro*
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
10.1016/j.colsurfa.2010.01.057 >> PDF

Electrical-driven disaggregation of the two-dimensional assembly of colloidal polymer particles under pulse DC charging
M. N. Naim, M. Iijima, K. Sasaki, H. Kamiya, M. Kuwata, I. W. Lenggoro*
Advanced Powder Technology 10.1016/j.apt.2010.02.004 >> PDF

Deposition of TiO2 nanoparticles in surfactant-containing aqueous suspension by a pulsed DC charging-mode electrophoresis
M. N. Naim, M. Kuwata, H. Kamiya, I. W. Lenggoro*
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 2009/01
117(1361):127-132 >> PDF

Naim, M. N., Iijima, M., Kuwata, M., Kamiya, H. and Lenggoro, I. W. (2009) Fabrication of nanoparticles film from an aqueous suspension by electrical-assisted deposition techniques in the liquid- and gas-phase, Proceedings of 22nd International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference, Sapporo, Japan, Paper No. 282.

Electrical-assisted deposition of aerosol particles derived from aqueous suspension of nanopowders (3I05) 日本セラミックス協会2010年年会, 2010/03/24

粉体工学会: 第47回 粉体に関する討論会 2009/12/01

Pulse-charge electrophoretic deposition of metal oxide nanoparticles and polymeric particles
2009 Autumn Conference, Society of Powder Technology, Japan 2009/10/22

水中に分散させたカーボン粒子のエアロゾル化と基板への沈着, エアロゾル科学技術研究討論会, A04.

粉体工学会2009年度春期研究発表会 2009/05/27

Deposition of nanoparticles in surfactant-containing aqueous suspension by a pulsed DC-electrophoresis
化学工学会 第74年会 2009/03/18

日本セラミックス協会2008年会 2008/03/20

“A method of forming a titanium oxide coating”, Japan Patent Office (submitted 2008)
* 酸化チタンのコーティング方法, 特願 2008-72596 (平成20.3.19)
* 酸化チタンのコーティング方法, 特願 2009-69155 (2009/3/19)
* 特開 2009-256790 (2009/11/5)

Scholarship: 2009 Atoda Scholarship Fellow (a program at TUAT for graduate students)…東京農工大学 阿刀田央一基金受賞