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Keynote talk. From “Fast” Electronic Materials to “Slow” Agricultural Studies.

28 Oct. 2018 (Osaka University): Keynote talk by Wuled Lenggoro: Japan-Indonesia International Scientific Conference Transforming a Particle Engineering Lab: From “Fast” Electronic Materials to “Slow” Agricultural Studies. (Photographs were provided by the Organizing Committee) Plenaryには、インドネシア大統領・副補佐官、インドネシア大学・学長、大阪大学・副学長も講演しました. In commemoration of 60th year anniversary of Indonesia and Japan relationship, this conference will bring together Indonesian and Japanese researchers… Continue reading Keynote talk. From “Fast” Electronic Materials to “Slow” Agricultural Studies.

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Graduated and new students, 2017 卒業生

By doing research with us, the following students finished the course with degrees. ⇒ Other former member | Current member(現メンバー) Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) Y. Asanuma | S. Azuhata* | R. Hogaki | to Master's course/TUAT. ⇒⇒ 博士課程前期 * President's Award for Student Excellence. 学長より学生表彰(学業優秀) Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) A. Ishimoto | A. Takagi | join chemical makers (incl. Global Top 25)… Continue reading Graduated and new students, 2017 卒業生


New students: joined in Oct. 2016

NEWLY JOINED: * T. Fujii .....Bachelor student * Sarocha Wongkamchan .....from Applied Physics, King Mongkut's Univ. of Technology Thonburi (Bangkok): AIMS exchange program bachelor student. (October 2016 updated) * T. Fujii .....Bachelor student * Y. Asanuma .....Bachelor student * S. Azuhata .....Bachelor student * R. Hogaki .....Bachelor student * R. Kuroda .....Master's student * K. Hattori .....Master's… Continue reading New students: joined in Oct. 2016

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Article: Doctoral thesis (by M. Gen) 博士論文の紹介記事

Aerosol Kenkyu (J. Aerosol Res., Jpn.) Vol. 31, No.2, 2016. Dr. Masao Gen (Bachelor-, master- and doctoral course) writes about his thesis. After working with WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University as Assistant Professor, he joined City University of Hong Kong, as a Research Fellow of School of Energy and Environment (Dean: Prof. Chak K. Chan) His doctoral… Continue reading Article: Doctoral thesis (by M. Gen) 博士論文の紹介記事

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A doctoral student was interviewed: 9 pages (Scripta, 2016, Books Kinokuniya) 紀伊國屋書店の無料冊子Scripta

An interview article (9 pages) on "Nisa": a Malaysian doctoral student in our lab, interviewed by Mayumi MORI, a nonfiction writer. in SCRIPTA (Summer 2016, pp. 5-13), a free journal published by Kinokuniya (The largest bookstore chain in Japan (founded in 1927). 紀伊國屋書店出版部の無料冊子 研究室の話しも載っています(p.12)。このNisaのインタビューは森まゆみさんの連載の最終回だそうです。「お隣のイスラム」は単行本として刊行予定(紀伊国屋書店, 2016/7)。 .. 2018/2/15 お隣りのイスラーム――日本に暮らすムスリムに会いにいく 単行本(ソフトカバー) 出版社: 紀伊國屋書店  


New members (from April 2016)

We welcomed four new students from this April 2016. Master course student, BASE/TUAT: R. Kuroda (from Dept. of Applied Physics.物理システム工学科) 4rd/final year students, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, TUAT Y. Asanuma S. Azuhata R. Hogaki Visiting Fellow, BASE: Dr. Nazli Naim (Process & Food Engineering, Univ. Putra Malaysia) Google-Scholar Group Members (研究室メンバー) April 2016 updated  … Continue reading New members (from April 2016)


ALUMNI: Two Asst. Prof., Dr. M. Gen (Tohoku U.) & Dr. Kusdianto (Hiroshima U.). 卒業生2名が国立大学教員に

2015/November, ALUMNI News: A graduate: Masao Gen (B/2009, M/2013, D/2014) became Assistant Professor at Tohoku University (WPI/Advanced Institute for Materials Research) 卒業生の 玄 大雄(学部卒と博士課程修了) は、東北大学の助教(原子分子材料科学高等研究機構 AIMR)になりました。 http://www.wpi-aimr.tohoku.ac.jp/ A graduate: K. Kusdianto (D/2014) became Assistant Professor at Hiroshima Univ. (Department of Chemical Engineering). His "home" is Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya,… Continue reading ALUMNI: Two Asst. Prof., Dr. M. Gen (Tohoku U.) & Dr. Kusdianto (Hiroshima U.). 卒業生2名が国立大学教員に


Ms. Yuko Kondo moved. 近藤さん、退職

In the end of January 2015, our administrative assistant (事務補佐員として7年間)、 Ms. Yuko Kondo resigned. She moved to Chiba Prefecture following her husband's movement. She has been served our group since 2008, one year after our group was initiated. All of the lab's members, including the former members, thanked her for all of her work behind… Continue reading Ms. Yuko Kondo moved. 近藤さん、退職


People (January 2015) 研究室のメンバー

現在の研究室メンバー:Current members Members in January 2015 * A. Ishimoto .....Bachelor student * S. Koike .....Bachelor student * A. Takagi .....Bachelor student * M. Wada .....Bachelor student * S. Yokote .....Master's student * H. Matsushima .....Master's student * K. Naito .....Master's student * Y. Takematsu .....Master's student * E. Herliana .....Doctoral student * S. Ikawa ....Doctoral… Continue reading People (January 2015) 研究室のメンバー

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Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita: Open Seminar in Koganei campus, 18 Sept.

Article directly linked from http://www.tuat.ac.jp/~koukai/gakuho/2014/549/news6.html On 19 September: After 140 anniversary of TUAT. 農工大140周年記念式典, Prof. Ginandjar also visited our lab in Koganei campus. On 18 September: TUAT Leading Graduate School Program - Special Seminar Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita ギナンジャール・カルタサスミタ 先生 *Member of the Presidential Advisory Board of Indonesia インドネシア大統領諮問会議委員 *Former Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Finance and Industry… Continue reading Prof. Ginandjar Kartasasmita: Open Seminar in Koganei campus, 18 Sept.

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Masao Gen: Doctoral presentation (5/23), 博士論文公聴会

Immobilization of submicron- and nano-particles from gas phase onto solid surfaces by external forces (外力を用いたサブミクロン粒子とナノ粒子の気相から固体基板への固定化)(Thesis is written in English) 2014/5/23 Friday, 15:00 ~ 16:30, BASE1階会議室 発表者: 玄 大雄 (GEN, Masao) ** ** After working with WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University as Assistant Professor, he joined City University of Hong Kong Keywords: Deposition/assembly of particles, Particle exposure system for… Continue reading Masao Gen: Doctoral presentation (5/23), 博士論文公聴会

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4 students (Bachelor, Doctor) joined, 学生4名が合流

The following students joined in April 2014: As bachelor student (Final year): Mr. Ishimoto, A. Ms. Takagi, A. Mr. Wada, M. As doctoral student: Ms. Khairunnisa, M. P. >> Current Members (Updated in April 2014): 15 students (7 in doctoral, 4 in master, 4 in bachelor course)


A doctoral student joined in Oct. 2013, 博士後期課程に入学者

Y. Itoh joined our group and starting a doctoral course from October 2013. He is the 8th fellow joined as doctoral student in Lenggoro Lab (since 2007) ~~~ Current members ~~~ To join as a doctoral student ~~~


People (April 2011)

* Gen, Masao .....Master student > 論文等 * Ikawa, Seiji .....Doctoral student (Part-time), from an instrument company * Kanno, Hiroya .....Bachelor student * Kondo, Yusuke .....Bachelor student * Lim, Fong Zyin .....Master's student * Sato, Hirotaka .....Master's student * Seki, Akito .....Master's student * Watanabe, Azusa .....Bachelor student * Yamada, Yousuke .....Master's student * Kondo,… Continue reading People (April 2011)


People (2011)

* Erika Herliana .....Pre-doctoral student (from October 2011) * Gen, Masao .....Master's & pre-doctoral student > Data * Hama, Naoya .....Doctoral student (October-started), Part-time++ > Data * Ikawa, Seiji .....Doctoral student (April-started), Part-time++ * Kanno, Hiroya .....Bachelor student * Kondo, Yusuke .....Bachelor student * Kusdianto .....Doctoral student (from October 2011) * Lim, Fong Zyin .....Master's… Continue reading People (2011)