New members (from April 2016)


We welcomed four new students from this April 2016.

Master course student, BASE/TUAT:
R. Kuroda (from Dept. of Applied Physics.物理システム工学科)

4rd/final year students, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, TUAT
Y. Asanuma
S. Azuhata
R. Hogaki

Visiting Fellow, BASE:
Dr. Nazli Naim (Process & Food Engineering, Univ. Putra Malaysia) Google-Scholar

Group Members (研究室メンバー) April 2016 updated


PeoplePrevious Students (研究室メンバー) April 2015 – March 2016

Bachelor/4th grade student (final-project)
* K. Hattori
* S. Koga
* S. Koike
* E. Miyazawa
* Y. Watanabe

Master’s student
* M. Wada
* A. Ishimoto
* A. Takagi
* S. Yokote

Doctoral student
* F. Faizal (Processing, プロセス開発)
* E. Herliana (Leave of absence, 休学)
* S. Ikawa (Generation, 発生法)
* Y. Ito (Measurement, 計測法)
* M. P. Khairunnisa (Collection, 回収法)
* S. Suryani (Food/Bio-materials, バイオ系材料)

+ Alumni.卒業生


Former Members:

研究室メンバー. Lab’s Members