Graduated and new students, 2017 卒業生


By doing research with us, the following students finished the course with degrees.
Other former member | Current member(現メンバー)

Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
Y. Asanuma | S. Azuhata* | R. Hogaki | 
to Master’s course/TUAT. ⇒⇒ 博士課程前期
* President’s Award for Student Excellence. 学長より学生表彰(学業優秀)

Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)
A. Ishimoto | A. Takagi | join chemical makers (incl. Global Top 25) ⇒⇒ 化学メーカー

Doctor of Engineering (Dr. Eng. or Ph.D.)
M. P. Khairunnisa: join Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia ⇒⇒ マレーシア国家公務員(高等教育省)


And, the following fellows are joining us from April 2017.

Mr. N. Yoshida (from Tokyo Univ. of Science (Physics) 東京理科大学) with program for Leading Grad. School (master+doctoral course).

Mr. Y. Koga & Ms. T. Hasegawa, for final project of bachelor course.

Current member現メンバー

Students (Oct. 2016 – March 2017)

* T. Fujii …..3rd year undergraduate/junior
* Y. Asanuma …..4th year undergraduate/senior
* S. Azuhata …..4th year undergraduate/senior
* R. Hogaki …..4th year undergraduate/senior
* R. Kuroda …..Master’s student
* K. Hattori …..Master’s student
* Y. Watanabe …..Master’s student
* M. Wada …..Master’s student
* A. Ishimoto …..Master’s student
* A. Takagi …..Master’s student
* F. Faizal ….Doctoral st. (Processing, 微粒子集積化)
* E. Herliana …..Doctoral st. (Leave of absence, 休学)
* Y. Ito ….Doctoral st. (Instrumentation, 計測機器)
* M. P. Khairunnisa …..Doctoral st. (Collection, 回収法)
* S. Saallah ….Doctoral st., Research fellow (Food/Bio-materials, 食品バイオ系材料)