Graduation day (March 2013) 卒業式を終えて


Master of Engineering
Seki, Akito (2011-2013) Measurement of hygroscopic behavior of inorganic aerosol deposited on a substrate
Yamada, Yousuke (2011-2013) Collection of charged aerosols
(From April, they will start a job as engineer, at Japanese- and multi-national companies)

Bachelor of Engineering
Naito, Keisuke Synthesis of nanomaterials by an electrochemical method
Takematsu, Yusuke Electrospray from a pump-less device
Matsushima, Hidenori Heating method of doped-type metal oxide powders
(They will continue to study master’s degree)

Thesis advisor: W. Lenggoro.

Photo with other lab’s members, in front of our building, Grad. School of BASE, TUAT.

Our new members (undergraduate students) from April 2013:
YOKOTE, Shun-ichiro
KOIKE, Sohsuke