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A doctoral student presented in Asian Aerosol Conference 2017 (Jeju, Korea)博士学生が韓国で発表した。

Presenter: F. Faizal (Doctoral student),
S. Yokote (Master-student),
M. P. Khairunnisa (former doctoral student, now with Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia),
W. Lenggoro

“Direct- and Electrospray-Depositions of Particles Derived from Burning Candles”


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PAPER: Removal of particles from potable water. 水道水(飲料水)から微粒子を採集

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stock-photo-water-pouring-from-a-jug-into-a-glass-on-blue-95668024Removal of iron-oxide particles after post-filtration in local potable water using an electrophoretic method

Collaborated with: Univ. Putra Malaysia; Univ. Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Journal of Water Process Engineering: Vol. 9, Feb. 2016, Pages 208–214. doi:

Full text/PDF: Researchgate, or here

Keywords: Elnaim2016-waterectrophoretic deposition; Fibre electrodes; Limiting flux; Iron oxide; Zeta potential

Recent journal articles from our group.研究室から発表した(最近の)論文1288741555_themes

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Visited Chemical Engineering ITB, Bandung with Dr. Pramujo. (卒業生が教員)バンドン工科大学を訪問

2015/Sept/3: Lenggoro visited Dept. of Chemical Engr. ITB, with 8 fellows (including 4 CEOs) from Society of Powder Technology Japan. A lecturer, Dr. Pramujo Widiatmoko (a TUAT Alumnus) kindly welcomed us.


Link between our group and ITB : 当研究室とITBとの関係: /tag/itb/

Can particles in water be immobilized in holes below 100 nm? 水中浮遊粒子を100nm以下の穴に固定化できるのか?サンドイッチ型複合材料の形成。

graphical-kusdianto2-revisedImmobilization of colloidal particles into sub-100 nm porous structures by electrophoretic methods in aqueous media

Kusdianto, Sasaki, Naim, Lenggoro, Colloids Surfaces A: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2014.06.042

【新規性】新開発の「パルス型電気泳動法(Pulse-type Electrophoretic Deposition/EPD)」および従来EPD法を用いて、水中に浮遊する粒子を100nm以下の穴(ポーラス構造)に挿入・固定。世界初です。

PDFFull article

RELATED TECHNOLOGY: 関連技術・成果 Submicrometer- and nanometer-sized particles

Recent journal articles: From our group.
Recent journal articles: From our group.

Kusdianto, Doctoral presentation, 19 Aug. 2014, 博士論文公聴会

19 Aug. 2014. BASE 1st floor meeting room

DOCTORAL THESIS: The role of chemical and physical properties of substrate in the deposition of particles
by KUSDIANTO (Also a faculty member of Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, ITS)

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A Visiting Scholar: Prof. Heru Setyawan

On 2013 Nov.1-2:
We welcomed
Dr. Heru Setyawan
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS).

He was also our visiting fellow in November 2009.

ITS is a recognized top university in Indonesia.

Members of Heru Setyawan Lab’s

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Student presented (in Osaka): Electroplating. 液中粒子状膜(学生が学会発表)

2013 Oct. 8-9, Osaka.

発表者= M1.内藤恵介

Formation of particulate metallic layer by electrophoretic deposition synchronized with electroplating
(Naito, Keisuke & Wuled Lenggoro)
Society of Powder Technology Autumn Meeting 2013

Silver particulate film (prepared by K. Naito)
Silver particulate film (prepared by K. Naito)

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