FOCUS: Engineering-for-Agriculture. A start up found by a college student.


We followed his 30 minutes talk in SCEJ Meeting 2021/9/23. We could learn a lot from him !!

Some open interviews of the founder, Mr. Shunsuke Tsuboi, 坪井俊輔 (25)

丹波市で人工衛星からのデータやAIを活用してスマート農業を支援している「サグリ株式会社」代表の坪井俊輔さん。丹波の農業から始まって、兵庫の農業、日本の農業、そして世界の農業を変えていこうとする坪井さんの大きな夢について兵庫県知事が伺います。2021/3 This month’s guest is Shunsuke Tsuboi, president of Saguri Co., a company in Tanba City that supports smart farming using artificial satellite data and AI. The governor of Hyogo asks about Ms. Tsuboi’s big dream of starting with agriculture in Tanba, then changing agriculture in Hyogo, agriculture in Japan, and agriculture around the world.


[A startup that looks at soil from space created by the CEO of an active university student! Saguri Co., Ltd.]
Abandoned farmland has been hard to investigate. Mr. Tsuboi has succeeded in simplifying the survey by developing a system to identify farmland from satellite data and check soil and cultivation conditions. Why did Mr. Tsuboi, who was originally fond of space and founded Uchu Co., Ltd., which teaches children business through space, come up with the idea for his current business?