Doctoral Thesis 博士公聴会 (Feb. 2018) “Particle Layers” エアロゾル粒子の集積


2/9 Friday 15:00 BASE Building (1F), Koganei campus, TUAT.


Ferry Faizal (フェリ・ファイザル)*

Chief Examiner/主査:Wuled Lenggoro.  Committee/副査:神谷 秀博 教授、中田 宗隆 教授、銭 衛華 教授、富永 洋一 准教授 (Hidehiro Kamiya, Munetaka Nakata, Eika W. Qian, Yoichi Tominaga)

Thesis-related publications:

F. Faizal, M. Wada, S. Koike, I. W. Lenggoro: Decomposition of Solution Droplets under the Influence of Thermal Convection over a Heated Horizontal Plate. Advanced Powder Technology (2017). doi:10.1016/j.apt.2017.10.026 >> NEWS

F. Faizal, M. P. Khairunnisa, S. Yokote, I. W. Lenggoro: Carbonaceous Nanoparticle Layers Prepared using Candle Soot by Direct- and Spray-based Deposition, Aerosol and Air Quality Research (2018) doi:10.4209/aaqr.2017.10.0426

F. Faizal, S. Saallah, A. Takagi, I. W. Lenggoro: Deposition of submicron fluorescent aerosol particles by a closed-loop flow system. Journal of Aerosol Research (2018) doi:10.11203/jar.33.102

F. Faizal, S. Saallah, I. W. Lenggoro: Particulate structures produced by electrosprays of colloidal silica suspensions in both negative and positive zeta potentials, Advanced Powder Technology, (2018) doi:10.1016/j.apt.2018.03.015

Thesis-related patent-application:

F. Faizal & W. Lenggoro: A method for producing particle layer. 粒子状成膜法 Japan Patent Office (Submitted 2018/Feb/8) JP2019136636A.pdf ( Application filed by 国立大学法人東京農工大学, Tokyo Univ Of Agriculture & Technology, 日本アエロジル株式会社, Nippon Aerosil Co Ltd

Thesis-related conferences:

F. Faizal et al., Effect of Buoyancy on Thermal Decomposition of Solution Droplets over a Heated Horizontal Plate, 7th Asian Particle Technology Symposium (Chang Gung University Campus, Taoyuan, Taiwan). 2017/7/30-8/3

F. Faizal et al., Direct- and Electrospray-Depositions of Particles Derived from Burning Candles, 2017 Asian Aerosol Conference (Jeju, Korea) 2017/07/03


BEST PAPER AWARD, 2nd International Conference on Purity, Utility Reaction and Environmental Research (Kuala Lumpur, 11 Nov. 2015, co-recipients: MP Khairunnisa, H Fukushima, M Gen, P Widiatmoko, I W Lenggoro)

Other publications with TUAT (not related to thesis)
MP Khairunnisa, F Faizal, E Miyazawa, K Masuda, M Tsukada, I W Lenggoro: Detachment of submicron particles from substrates using suspension-assisted ultrasonic method, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan (2018)

MP Khairunnisa, F Faizal, H Fukushima, M Gen, P Widiatmoko, I W Lenggoro:  Development of a battery-driven passive sampling system for electrostatically trapping atmospheric particles (OPEN ACCESS): Journal of Purity, Utility Reaction and Environment 5 (2), 43-50 (2016)

M. P. KHAIRUNNISA, Ferry FAIZAL, Yosuke YAMADA, Masao GEN, Naoya HAMA, I. Wuled LENGGORO, Collection of submicron aerosols by a passive sampler system using corona-charged resin surfaces (P2-AMT-INST-040), European Aerosol Conference, 2016 September 4 – 9 (Tours, France)

F Faizal,, M P Khairunnisa, E Miyazawa, W Lenggoro: Utilization of Ultrasonic Cavitation Bubble for Particle Detachment in Liquid Medium, 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology, Indonesia (ICePTi-2017) Jatinangor (near Bandung) Indonesia, 2017/8/8-10

Other publications before joining TUAT (not related to thesis)

Suprijadi, F. Faizal, C.F. Naa and A.Trisnawan, 3D Simulation of Dam-break effect on a Solid Wall using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic, Recent Development on Computational Science, vol.4, p. 155 – 161.

Suprijadi, F. Faizal, R. R. Septiawan, Computational study on melting process using smoothed particle hydrodynamics , Journal of Modern Physics, vol.5, no.3, p. 112-116 doi:10.4236/jmp.2014.53019

F. Faizal and Suprijadi, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method and Free Surface Heat Transfer for Phase Change Problem, Proceedings, 5th Asian Physics Symposium (APS 2012), July 10 – 12, Bandung, p. 84

Setianto, L. K. Men, F. Faizal, B. M. Wibawa, D. H. Hardjo, C. Panatarani and I M. Joni: Optical properties of amorphous silicon quantum dots (a-Si QDs) with various dot size using extended Hückel theory, AIP Conf. Proc. 1554, 198 (2013); doi:10.1063/1.4820319 7–9 May 2013

Other publications: Google Scholar

*Ferry was with TUAT between 2015/4-2018/3. He graduated from Univ. Padjadjaran 物理学科卒業; and finished a double-degree master’s course from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB, バンドン工科大学) and Kanazawa U/金沢大学のDouble-degreeプログラム修士修了 (Double-Degree Program of Computational Science Course, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology)自然科学研究科数物科学専攻と自然科学研究科計算科学専攻との二重学位プログラム. In April 2018, he joined Universitas Padjadjaran.

当研究室からの博士論文: Thesis from our Lab

卒業生の活躍「場」: Sectors of Lab’s Alumni

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