Visited NAGAOKA UNIV. TECH. for 5-hour class for Doctoral students (5/28)


5-hour class (in English, by W. Lenggoro)
for 5-year Integrated Doctoral Program students, Dept. of Science of Technology Innovation 技術科学イノベーション専攻
Nagaoka University of Technology 長岡技術科学大学

28 MAY 2016 (Saturday)


1) Diversity is a tool
2) Background diversity and a multi-cultural “nation”
3) Physics, Statistics, and Economics: Multi- or Inter-Disciplinary ?
4) Human Sense versus “Scientific” Measurement on Scales, Size, Number…
5) Does intercultural factor improve research-based education? 8-year trial in an Indonesian professor’s lab.


Mr. M. Wada, TUAT graduate student also visited Nagaoka Univ. Tech. for a short-meeting with Dr. S. Maki (the host)