Join to doctoral course ? 博士課程後期の募集


10月または4月入学の博士課程後期学生を募集しています... 微粒子工学の基礎(輸送、固定化等).. 材料粒子の合成法.. 植物/環境関係技術向けの材料プロセッシング(農薬検出用センサー、植物育成チャンバー、植物表面・内部の物質移動)等に興味ある方いましたら、ぜひご連絡ください。経済支援(学費免除・リサーチアシスタント)についての相談にものります。研究領域

Leading-Graduate School:5年間の博士課程

Join us as a doctoral student ? Starting from October or April.
Are you interested in doing doctoral studies in the science and engineering of particles/aerosols ?

Special site for Indonesian government-funded scholar:

A new 5-years program with scholarship: Leading-Graduate School

Basic research: Transport and assembly of particles

Applications: Material synthesis and processing for energy-related device (solar cell), plants(vegetations) growth system, chemical-sensor for agriculture, medical-related materials, etc.

 Research area

In our group, Japanese language ability is not a “must” tool. All documents (for group meeting, seminar-handout, abstracts, e-mails) are written in English and all students in our group can speak English. Contact us: LABWL @

A doctoral student can finish the course (with a degree) shorter than three years (within two years, for example) if the “necessary” condition is satisfied. It is “possible” to combine the “story” of doctoral thesis with your “already-published” journal papers, before entering our graduate school.

* NOTE *
Unfortunately, right now, our group has no potential to welcome a Master’s course student without Japanese-language ability. In our Graduate School (BASE), most of classes for master course are using Japanese language.

== Our lab’s current members ==

Doctoral thesis => 博士論文