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Open Lab & Explanation of Admission (5/23) 入試説明会

Explanation: For entering our graduate school (BASE)

日時・・・2015年5月23日(土)13:00~ Saturday, 23 May 2015 13:00-15:15
(From 15:15..Open Lab) 

場所・・・BASE本館1階講義室 Place: Class rooms 1F, BASE building

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New procedure: for Indonesian government funded doctoral students, From 2013

= doctoralbasetuat.wordpress.com/ =

Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE) founded in 1995 was created with the goal of opening up new areas of research in the fields of agriculture and engineering. In 2010, BASE established a collaboration with the Graduate School of Waseda University and now offers a joint major between the two schools. TUAT/BASE-Waseda was the first Japan’s joint program between Grad. Schools from a national university and a private university.

(Photo: BASE Building)

= Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) =

Join to doctoral course ? 博士課程後期の募集

10月または4月入学の博士課程後期学生を募集しています... 微粒子工学の基礎(輸送、固定化等).. 材料粒子の合成法.. 植物/環境関係技術向けの材料プロセッシング(農薬検出用センサー、植物育成チャンバー、植物表面・内部の物質移動)等に興味ある方いましたら、ぜひご連絡ください。経済支援(学費免除・リサーチアシスタント)についての相談にものります。研究領域

Leading-Graduate School:5年間の博士課程

Join us as a doctoral student ? Starting from October or April.
Are you interested in doing doctoral studies in the science and engineering of particles/aerosols ?

Special site for Indonesian government-funded scholar: doctoralbasetuat.wordpress.com

A new 5-years program with scholarship: Leading-Graduate School

Basic research: Transport and assembly of particles

Applications: Material synthesis and processing for energy-related device (solar cell), plants(vegetations) growth system, chemical-sensor for agriculture, medical-related materials, etc.

 Research area

In our group, Japanese language ability is not a “must” tool. All documents (for group meeting, seminar-handout, abstracts, e-mails) are written in English and all students in our group can speak English. Contact us: LABWL @ cc.tuat.ac.jp

A doctoral student can finish the course (with a degree) shorter than three years (within two years, for example) if the “necessary” condition is satisfied. It is “possible” to combine the “story” of doctoral thesis with your “already-published” journal papers, before entering our graduate school.

* NOTE *
Unfortunately, right now, our group has no potential to welcome a Master’s course student without Japanese-language ability. In our Graduate School (BASE), most of classes for master course are using Japanese language.

== Our lab’s current members ==

Doctoral thesis => 博士論文

Materials for scholarship application (Monbukagakusho)

– Copy of (one’s) family register OR prove of citizenship with English
– Recommendation letter from Dean or higher person (than Dean), to
President of TUAT
– Photographs (45 x 35 mm), Write: Name and Nationality in the back side
– Final transcript (Bachelor/B and Master/M) in English
– a certificate of completion B.
– a certificate of completion M.
– Copy of Graduation Certificate (B, M)
– A letter proving he/she was at high-rank in the class (GPA information, Ranking, etc.)
– Brief summary of Thesis (B, M)
– A letter proving the language skills (TOEFL,TOEIC, Japanese languange…etc)
– Certificate of Health

*** It is better if the above materials can be prepared by electronic-files (by scanning-then-email, etc…)