The birth of Dept. of Applied Physics & Chemical Engineering (2019) 化学物理工学科の誕生


In April 2019: Department of Chemical Engineering of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) becomes Department of Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering. 東京農工大学・工学部の学科改組で、「化学物理工学科」の誕生。

/大学サイト) (学科独自サイト)



Examples of “topics” with new department: Optimization of energy conversion / utilization, Production system with low environmental impact and high efficiency, Power generation technology, Creation of new materials, Environmental measurement devices.


The “merger”: 25 research groups/PI (Professors & Associate Profs.) are affiliated with four departments (Chemical engineering (13), Applied physics (8), Electrical & electronic engineering (2), Energy engineering (2)) of TUAT Faculty of Engineering (-2018).

By reorganizing TUAT Faculty/School of Engineering, 8 departments become 6 departments in 2019. 工学部を現行8学科から、生命工学科、生体医用システム工学科、応用化学科、化学物理工学科、機械システム工学科、知能情報システム工学科の6学科に学科改組することを構想中です。


Other “changes” in our university:

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